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FineCal Distributors

FineCal increase orders from lapsed customers with sales-i

FineCal are a leading industrial consumables supply company. Trading since 1967, they work with global manufacturers such as 3M, Jiffy & Bostik.

  • 1 sales-i campaign
  • 7 orders
  • 4 further opportunities

The Overview.

FineCal have two distinct parts to their business: one supplying general packaging products; the other supplying technical tapes & adhesives.

The companies aim is to ensure they work with their customers to meet their technical bonding requirement needs.

The Challenge.

"One of the biggest challenges was that, whilst our Great Plains ERP system held all the customer data, it wasn’t easy to obtain a report or extract data that made sense to the sales team.’’ explains Nick Searle, Sales Manager for FineCal.

“My team wanted something that could support their need for analytical information to ensure they were maximizing their customers’ potential, whilst understanding where current customer spend had declined.”


The Solution.

FineCal turned to sales-i for a demo to see if they could solve their needs. “sales-i were able to show me how the data could be taken from Great Plains and either embedded directly into our Salesforce CRM system or used as a stand-alone program,” says Nick.

Impressed with what they saw, FineCal signed the order form and became a sales-i user in November 2016.

"sales-i has had immediate benefits! We produced one campaign to show us customers that had previously purchased but hadn’t in 2017. It returned 94 results. On day one, 30 of these accounts were contacted which resulted in 7 orders and 4 further opportunities."


Nick Searle, Sales Manager

The Results.

FineCal have already noticed several benefits of using sales-i in the short time they’ve been using it.

The most immediate benefit was an upturn in orders thanks to sales-i’s Campaign Manager: “We produced one campaign to show us customers that had previously purchased but hadn’t in 2017. It returned 94 results. On day one, 30 of these accounts were contacted which resulted in 7 orders and 4 further opportunities, proof that this type of report has had immediate benefits!”

FineCal have also benefited from being able to produce ‘usable’ reports. “sales-i has allowed our sales team to analyze their customers in greater detail. The information provided by the software is both clear and helpful which helps no end when speaking to customers.”

sales-i’s use within Salesforce has also benefited FineCal: “We can see the sales-i feature on the account page of the customer. It allows us to quickly see whether they are up or down, the last products they purchased and a stock quantity which is beneficial.”

“The connection with Salesforce has also meant less time navigating through many different screens where the information cannot be produced in the format that the sales team require. With a couple of clicks, individual customer information is available which aids the calling process.”

The Future.

FineCal’s aim moving forward is simple: “to keep using sales-i to understand the benefits it can bring to both individuals and FineCal as a whole.”

As well as this though, the company would like to use the customer snapshot feature of sales-i more too.

This feature allows the user to create detailed customer account reports in seconds, saving hours of work every week. The report can be shared with the customer so they can see all their transactional and product information, all in one place, there’s no need to jump from program to program or report to report.

“‘My external team have been using the sales-i mobile app and creating snapshots that they can present in front of their customers. This has been a useful tool. We believe that our customers can benefit from this feature and we aim to develop this in the coming months.”

Nick concludes with a word on his sales team’s adaptation to sales-i: “I am very pleased with how this product has been received by my sales team. At the end of the day, they’ve seen the benefits of using it straightaway which has naturally encouraged them to use it more.”

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