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How Allegiance Trucks exceeded their sales by $1.4 million.

sales-i helped Allegiance Trucks identify and prioritize their sales team's efforts where they were needed most.

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How Allegiance Trucks achieved outstanding results with sales-i.


Allegiance Trucks needed a sales enablement solution that combined the capabilities of a customer relationship management tool and the business intelligence capabilities that come from data insights.

That solution was sales-i.

Since implementing sales-i, Allegiance Trucks has been able to:

  • Find new revenue streams from missed sales opportunities revealed by daily sales reports.
  • Track and monitor sales team progress to identify training needs.
  • Supply the ideal on-the-road sales enablement platform for reps to fuel sales growth.

Allegiance Trucks achieved 25% sales growth using sales-i.

Allegiance Truck’s move to sales-i was fast and smooth with sales-i providing training to help with the team’s onboarding.

As a result, they saw a 25% increase in sales and exceeded their sales target by almost $1.4 million. Employee retention increased because of the enhanced internal communication and customer loyalty, which supported the expansion of the business. “[sales-i] helped us identify [and prioritize] where the needs are,” Duane Mulready, Outside parts sales manager, said.

image showing a quote from Duane Mulready, Outside parts sales manager at Allegiance trucks, saying  "[sales-i] worked well with us and has opened up a lot of doors that we didn't have in the past in terms of sales growth."

Allegiance Trucks had confidence in the sales-i role to maximize the performance of their sales team and aid in helping them plan their future course. Duane Mulready said; "(...) it's been a great product. [sales-i] really worked well with us and have opened up a lot of doors that we didn't have in the past in terms of sales growth. So, it's been a good transition." 

Before using sales-i, Allegiance Trucks encountered several challenges in their search for a sales analytics and CRM solution to maximize their sales opportunities. After buying several dealerships, they found they were working with systems that lacked the business intelligence and CRM features they needed.

The sales team found it a challenge to keep track of clients because they lacked access to up-to-date customer information and internal company communication. This wasted the time of the sales team and cost the company money.

sales-i met their business process needs, allowing them to increase sales, improve relationships with their customers, and grow their business.

They were also able to analyze the competition and explore different revenue streams because sales-i lets the user add competitor information along with what the competitor is selling.

Additionally, it has helped them identify training needs in the sales team and enhance their customer service strategy.

Because sales-i is cloud-based and available on any device, Allegiance Trucks now consider the data analytics function crucial for sales teams to gain access to the information they require, even when they’re away from the office.

About Allegiance Trucks

With over 36 stores, Allegiance Trucks is the fastest growing, award-winning dealer group in the northeast United States. Their purpose is to give the best service possible, delivered by the most skilled and trained team. They are working toward becoming the most valuable truck dealer in America and represent various brands including International®, Ford, Isuzu, and Hino.

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