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JC Paper

California based JC Paper leads the way in a highly competitive industry with sales-i.

As a premier organization in highly competitive industry, JC Paper is continuing to deliver on customer needs and cementing their industry leading position with sales-i.

  • Established since 1956
  • 15,000+ individuals items
  • 25 internal salespeople

The Overview.

Since 1956, California based JC Paper has provided janitorial supplies, printing paper, food service products and packaging items to a customer base spanning California and Nevada.

In such a competitive industry, the dedication and passion at JC Paper for excellent customer service, a quality product and their industry is truly tangible. Over 15,000 individual items are being sold via a 25 strong sales force.

The Challenge.

The two primary sales divisions at JC Paper both posed different challenges to the team. While the printing paper division had historically been more data driven with accurate order taking and reporting, the janitorial side of the business had often been based around a more demonstration-led model. This meant that sales representatives needed to know the types of demonstration and the precise bespoke product needs for each customer they met with.

This information would previously be anecdotal, undocumented and not easily shared amongst colleagues as the existing reporting systems did not offer the ability to track and trace this key information.

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The Solution.

With a growing need for business, sales and customer data that was easy to access and use, JC Paper were recommended to sales-i through the Network Services Distribution system.

Following a web demonstration explaining the dynamics and functions of sales-i, JC Paper were excited at the prospect of having instant and easy access to their valuable business information.

When needed, the team at JC Paper can analyze their key accounts in a few clicks and accessing a granular level of detail is a simple process using the drill down feature in sales-i. From a management perspective, creating efficiencies, driving sales and helping the team to sell smarter has added real value to the company.

"Utilize the sophisticated platform to optimize sales and bring better service for your customers and greater return from your sales team."


Michael Clarke, President

The Results.

sales-i has allowed JC Paper to share vital information about customers throughout the entire business. Sales managers, directors and regional heads now have complete and easy access to their business data. A customer’s buying behavior including spending patterns, trends, potential competitive threats, any up- and cross-selling opportunities is instantly available in sales-i.

Ultimately, this allowed JC Paper to gain a far more sophisticated and detailed grasp of who their clients are, what they are buying, why they were buying it and where the variance or growth areas lay.

The Future.

JC Paper uses sales-i to report, measure and track orders, monitor sales personnel and customers and the system ensures they are always on top of spending trends.

Month end reporting is no longer a time-consuming, manual process with sales-i, freeing up the sales team to do what they do best – sell, rather then becoming bogged down with administrative work.

Today, the sales operation at JC Paper is much more integrated following the adoption of sales-i. With clearer routes for sharing valuable and relevant information, the sales team is armed with all the customer account insight they need to close deals; meeting customer needs quickly and with accuracy.

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