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Joe Grussenmeyer, VP Sales, North America, joins sales-i team.

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Growing your businesses after the pandemic will be as much about recognising the individual strengths and skills in your teams as it will mean getting the right tech in place to grow future sales figures. 

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As one of the newest members of sales-i's US-based team, Joe Grussenmeyer, Vice President of Sales, North America, is looking forward to helping our sales teams and our customers to increase their sales by recognizing those individual strengths and skills. 

Joe has been leading and optimizing teams for several companies for over 17 years now. “This is a great time to be joining sales-i,” Joe explained. “I’m a big believer in having your salespeople continually striving for new ways to sell and support customers looking for world-class sales enablement technology.” 

"The lessons you learn coaching baseball are lessons you can use in every walk of life." - Joe Grussenmeyer

Joe considers his role to be
similar to a coach: behind the scenes, getting the most from his players. “I have a ten-year-old who I coach in baseball. Let me tell you, the lessons you learn coaching baseball are lessons you can use in every walk of life. Three things: focus, dedication and teamwork. I like to draw a comparison to our sales enablement software: the coach is there to help guide the team in the right direction, or to get products on to the ‘shelves’ for our users. With our software you get actionable insights delivered directly to you that aren't always obvious when you're mid-play.”  

Aside from work, Joe is a family and outdoorsman. He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, coaching baseball, and chasing his ball around the golf course. 

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