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Lykki continues to deliver superior customer satisfaction to thousands of customers with the help of sales-i.

Founded in 1989, Lykki is headquartered in Coquitlam, BC, serving thousands of offices across Vancouver and the surrounding areas with some of the most recognized and trusted names in office supplies and lunchroom products.

  • 40,000+ products
  • 15% growth from 2018-2019
  • 11% increase in average order size using sales-i

The Overview.

Lykki – derived from the Danish word for happiness – is Vancouver’s leading supplier of everything an office could ever need, from stationary to coffee and lunchroom supplies. Calvin Johnson, the company founder, built Lykki from the ground up, on a small loan provided by his grandma. Over 30 years later, and Lykki is still supplying 40,000+ products to thousands of loyal customers across Vancouver and further afield.

Lykki has been committed to providing outstanding customer service while supporting their local community since day one.

The Challenge.

As the company grew at an incredible rate, the team at Lykki found it difficult to keep track of their customers spend, and which products were or were not selling.

Going from strength to strength is always positive news, but it’s important to stay on top of business insights to evolve in the right way.

Sales and Service Manager, Kathy Ryan, was no stranger to this fact: “We had no clue what customer had grown or dropped off, or what category products our customers were buying. There was no way of tracking our sales.

We had an alternative solution called SalesLogix already in place when I started at Lykki. It didn’t function the way it was supposed to and simply wasn’t user friendly enough for our salespeople, so we were on the lookout for something better for our company,” Kathy adds.


The Solution.

Kathy discovered sales-i back in 2014 and, following a brief online demonstration, was only too happy to get the new sales solution in place at Lykki. “The dashboards in sales-i were so simple to use and it gave us the insight and transparency we needed in our business.

sales-i was implemented and we were up and running soon after. The training was great, and their support has really allowed us to learn on the go and get right on with business.”

"sales-i is intuitive to use and easy on the eye. Sales activity can be directed to those areas where there is a greater likelihood of success."


Lee Mears, Sales and Marketing Director

The Results.

“sales-i has been awesome! It’s been a huge benefit to us to see exactly where we are growing and where we might be losing customers,” Kathy says. The team at Lykki have seen huge value from using the enquiries functionalities within sales-i, to delve even deeper and investigate their sales data whenever and wherever they need to.

With Lykki now being fully aware of their business insights, Kathy shares that sales-i has truly transformed the way that they work: “A huge plus for us is being able to see any gaps in customer spend and track our notes in the system, so that everyone is able to see what has or hasn’t been communicated to our customers.”

The Future.

The Lykki team have also introduced Document Storage in with their sales-i software to support their new offshore sales team. “sales-i is without a doubt critical here at Lykki and it allows our people to be productive and concentrate on growing the business!”

Having used sales-i for 4+ years, Kathy and her team couldn’t be happier with their investment. “I cannot tell you how happy we are with sales-i and the support that comes with the solution. It’s easy to use, clear and efficient,” Kathy concludes.

Our partners.

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