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NAPA - Walker Auto and Truck.

NAPA - Walker Auto and Truck uses sales-i to identify new sales opportunities.

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Since putting sales-i’s sales enablement software to work on their data, NAPA - Walker Auto and Truck now has easy access to their customer reports at the tap of a screen whether they’re in the office or on the road.

  •  Single location for all sales information.
  • Better communication across sales teams and customers.  
  • Faster reporting function. 
  • Straightforward to use. 

The snapshot report facility available in sales-i has improved the company's ability to present sales numbers at quarterly business review (QBR) meetings with customers. 

By using sales-i's variance report option they can see which parts are selling higher or lower quantities for the month.   

“We’ve found the full picture report for customer evaluations with gross profit percentages invaluable, to see if they are in line with their pricing or they need to adjust profiles,” explained Philip Liles, Sales Support Manager at NAPA - Walker Auto and Truck.  

“As we bring new employees in, sales-i is one of the first programs we train them on.” 

Philip Liles, Sales Support Manager at NAPA - Walker Auto and Truck. 


NAPA Walker Auto & Truck

Choosing the best CRM platform. 

When NAPA - Walker Auto and Truck began considering which customer relationship management platform (CRM) to using, they looked at two possible choices. sales-i turned out to be the best option for three reasons. 

  1. It puts all reporting into NAPA - Walker Auto and Truck’s employee’s hands, giving them the tools to get the job done.  
  2. NAPA, their parent organization was already using sales-i, so it integrated into their existing software nicely. 
  3. They use emails for call notes and sales-i tracks them extremely well. 

Why get a sales CRM in place? 

Philip explained why everyone being able to access the sales figures made a difference: “Previously, our sales team didn’t know the numbers when they were making calls.”  

“They couldn’t see sales drops in specific lines or products. And importantly for maintaining relationships, they couldn't thank a customer for having a sales increase or speak knowledgeably when a customer's sales were decreasing.” 

With only two people in the business able to access the reports they were limited in who could make the most of the sales data. And the reports could only be run by product line, parts, stores or accounts.  

Each report had to run separately and was time-consuming. When using their original reporting software, Crystal, they would send reports at best once a week, but most of the time, they would only be run twice a month.  

How sales-i delivered sales results. 

Now, anyone in NAPA - Walker Auto and Truck with access to sales-i can now run sales reports at any time. This allows them to see sales trends and notice if a customer has stopped purchasing specific product lines.  

“The most common comment I get,” Philip said,“ is when we lose a customer is, 'it seems nobody cares about my business because they didn't call to ask why my spend has stopped.' Before sales-i, we couldn't tell, so it was a valid statement.” 

“But now, we have gained business because we are able to see specific lines and have conversations around them.  Also, anyone in our company can view call notes about customers. This really helps if our management team visits customers, they can pull up history, so they are not blindsided with issues or can discuss previous call notes.” 

Who is NAPA - Walker Auto and Truck? 

NAPA - Walker Auto and Truck is a third-generation family-owned and operated parts supplier, founded by Harry Walker Jr. in 1985.  

In 2009, they became NAPA affiliated and now have 69 locations spanning through central and eastern North Carolina. 

There are more than 750 employees.  24 of them are salespeople and there are 122 sales-i users across the business. 

“We believe in doing business differently – with better parts and the most knowledgeable staff in the industry. sales-I fits our company values perfectly, serving customer needs and offering a fully personalized support service,” said Philip Liles. 

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