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Raja UK.

Raja UK takes advantage of sales-i to manage their growing customer base.

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Based in Bedfordshire, Raja UK is a packaging distributor that offers more than 4,000 protective packaging products for business needs.

  • +18% growth over lockdown 2020
  • £29M turnover in 2019
  • +4,000 items available



The Overview.

Formally known as Rajapack, Raja UK is a subsidiary of the Raja Group, which employs over 1,900 people, serving over 700,000 customers across Europe, and with 65 years of packaging experience, they’re named the No.1 choice for packaging in Europe.

From everyday packing essentials, to specific COVID protective equipment, Raja UK provides high-quality, durable and reliable products.

The Challenge.

Joe Wille, Sales Director for Raja UK, tells sales-i: “When the demand for stronger PPE increased, we acted fast to supply customers with products such as face shields, counter screens and latex gloves to battle hygiene concerns; as well distance warning tape, floor markers and workspace dividers. With this increase in demand, we were seeing more and more attraction to our eCommerce website, which resulted in around 80-90 new customers each day, meaning our revenue also massively improved over the period.

Having 80-90 new customers per day, buying more than one COVID protection product – plus general packaging supplies – meant that we needed a solution that helped us manage new customers on an ongoing basis.”


The Solution.

“Because we had access to sales-i, we knew that we could use the Campaigns functionality to do the hard work for us, before it became a struggle to manage.”

“Now, as soon as a new customer purchases from the website, their details are captured in our ERP system and sales-i automatically analyses the data and compares it to the criteria’s we have pre-set in Campaigns. If these new customers meet the criteria, our sales team is proactively alerted immediately, giving them the chance to reach out and take advantage of any up-sell or cross-sell opportunities.”

Joe now shares that he is confident that any new visitor on the website that converts into a customer will not go unnoticed and will have the appropriate nurturing journey implemented.

“Having the ability to identify their spending patterns, such as buying COVID protection and being able to offer them further products that will help keep their business protected has benefited both us and the customer. Not only are we managing to promote more items, but they are maintaining safe restrictions during a chaotic period.”

sales-i has been invaluable to this success and contributed towards our growth, as we couldn’t have managed the extra traffic and customers without the system.


Joe Wille, Sales Director


The Results.

“We are incredibly happy with our recent growth, especially in light of the global economic disruption. We are pleased to have increased our turnover by 18% over the lockdown period. sales-i has been invaluable to this success and has contributed towards our growth, as we couldn’t have managed the extra traffic and customers without the system.”

Joe also touches on the value sales-i has brought to his remote teams and shares that “because sales-i gives each user the same information from wherever we are located, over 50 colleagues that are working remotely can all access the data they need and when they need it. They don’t have to rely on internal admin teams to get their job done, they can work effectively with the tools they have to hand.”

“Not only can our staff stay protected in the safety of their own homes, but they can continue to be productive and use this time to investigate customer accounts and act immediately on any changes in purchasing behaviour. With this data, they’re able to contact the customer and discuss the order history and offer a new solution; whether that’s a better price, a different product or a promotional offer.”

The Future.

Raja UK recognised that with the support of sales-i, they could turn the impact of COVID into an opportunity with a positive outcome. Based on the actions taken they have now relocated into larger premises to enable them to hold more stock, and ultimately, more choice of products for each their customers. This reflects the ethos of Raja UK who are always striving for a bigger and brighter future, from increased capacity to improved operations and new innovations; such as the recycled plastic stretch film, the eco-responsible solution that landed them the Packaging Oscar Award in 2019.

Raja has also acquired three major players in the market for the distribution of office supplies and furniture, which includes JPG in France, Mondoffice in Italy and Kalamazoo in Spain. With these new brands, Raja UK can continue to expand and diversify their company and offer a greater customer experience by delivering all supply and equipment needs for businesses.


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