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sales-i's most read opinion pieces of 2020.

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2020 – a year like no other... but what were the 10 most read opinion pieces from the sales-i website last year? 

From maintaining customer relationships, traits of a successful seller, to how to use AI and technology in your business.

The full list is below, and it may surprise you to know that only one of most read pieces is related to COVID-19!

How to maintain good customer relationships in 6 steps.


magnet attracting customers

While you’re out looking for new customers, it can sometimes be easy to neglect your current ones. Here are 6 ways to maintain customers to help grow your business.

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The Importance Of Data Security.

padlocked data

With an increase in breaches and cyber attacks, we lay out the reasons you need to focus on your data security strategy today.

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5 important takeaways from COVID-19.

lighbulb amongst rubbish

How to make the best out of a challenging situation, learn, adapt and evolve. Read all about how sales-i have tackled the corona challenges head on.

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10 traits of the most successful sellers.

business handshake

What makes a good salesperson? Whilst there’s no salesperson in the world that has an abundance of every trait listed here, the most successful sellers have a great mixture of all 10.

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New to sales? Here are 3 basic but important things to know.

learner tags

If you’re new to sales you’re probably thinking about where to start and how to approach your first prospect. These tips will help.

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How to win back lost customers.

magnet to customers

It’s far more cost-effective to try to win back lost customers than it is to find new ones. Find out how to increase sales by targeting lapsed customers.

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5 ways industry 4.0 is going to affect manufacturing.

industry 4.0 graphic

If you work in manufacturing you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘industry 4.0’ or ‘business 4.0’, but what does it actually mean and how will it affect you?

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Old technology is killing your business – 3 areas to improve.

smart tech

Does your business run on outdated, old technology? Find out how you can improve your outlook in three business critical areas.

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AI in Manufacturing (And Why It Matters).

AI machinery

Why the resistance to AI in manufacturing? Are those who have committed to AI reaping the full extent of the benefits it can offer? Read to find out.

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2021: The year of optimism

plant growing through concrete

As the pandemic continues to cast a shadow, privately and in business, we offer up four reasons to be optimistic about 2021.

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