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San Jamar

San Jamar uses sales-i to generate
reports with instant and up-to-date information.

San Jamar is one of the leading distributors of commercial food service and janitorial products in the United States.

  • 5 internal salespeople
  • 31 employees
  • 9 sales-i users

The Overview.

Serving the traditional ‘away from home’ market, San Jamar offers solutions across several applications from counters to bars, to janitorial and washroom supplies.

Established over 30 years ago, the business has proudly diversified since its establishment to strengthen their product range and continue to grow its customer base; they are now providing products and services to thousands of customers across North America.

The Challenge.

As a fast-paced, expanding business, it can be difficult to manage the flow of sales and keep track of each product that comes in and out of the business. David Maroun, VP of Sales, shares “the sales team wasn’t looking at numbers in the same fashion when meeting with key accounts and it was cumbersome to generate any kind of report.”

David was managing a growing team, reviewing performance and sales, as well as devoting endless hours to generating reports and customer reviews, which proved to be an ineffective use of time. “We were burdening people inside the office to generate reports for us and the end product didn’t contain all the information we needed,” David adds.


The Solution.

Following a recommendation from another sales-i customer, David looked into the system further and quickly realised that it could provide exactly what he was hoping to achieve, and more: “The powerful sales analytics were what interested me most. sales-i itself is the best off the shelf tool I have come across,” David confesses.

"sales-i is incredibly quick at providing a simple view of any lost or falling sales. You can access information that is as granular as you need it, whether you’re out in the field
or in the office."


David Maroun, VP of Sales

The Results.

Since introducing sales-i to his team, David has been impressed with how effortlessly it was adopted. “The sales management team is taking more accountability and can now take a detailed look at their numbers, analysing business opportunities quickly.”

The San Jamar team are also working hard to highlight the key product groups amongst their customers, to carefully create marketing pieces that target any falling accounts. David shares that: “we weren’t doing enough of this before, simply because we didn’t have a tool to do so.”

Using sales-i across the business ensures San Jamar are getting the most out of the sales solution.

The sales team now has instant access to powerful sales information to better manage their growing business, allowing them to understand exactly how each customer account if performing.

“The Variance feature is incredibly quick at providing a simple view of any lost or falling sales. You can access information that is as granular as you need it, whether you’re out in the field or in the office. This is a major benefit to our team.”

The Future.

The future is looking positive for San Jamar, as David introduces sales-i to some of his external independent sales reps and will continue to champion the system within the business.

“sales-i is very user friendly, I can see exactly where we are doing well, and the increased visibility across the business has been a great advantage for us,” David concludes.

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