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Leading packaging supplier introduces sales-i to pinpoint falling customer spend and tackle competitor activity.

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“sales-i is now part of the Springpack family!” - James York, Sales & Marketing Director.

  • 4,500 pallets of stock in warehouse
  • Now able to extract key customer data
  • 2015 since using sales-i
  • Established in 1975

The overview

Established in 1975, and based in Worcester, Springpack is a protective packaging and eco-friendly packaging supplier. They have gone from strength to strength, and are now based in a purpose-built 53,000 sq.ft warehouse and office facility.

The growth has been extraordinary, from operating out of a garage back in 1975, all the way up to where they are today. During this time, the team has rapidly grown too, with Springpack now employing over 50 colleagues, covering Sales, Marketing, Warehousing & Facilities, Customer Service, Purchasing, and Accounts.

The challenge

For the last 5 years, Springpack has been working closely with sales-i to better understand their customers' buying behavior, and define clear routes to market and opportunities to grow. And sales-i has played a significant part in the growth that has been achieved.

 James York, Sales & Marketing Director at Springpack, commented;

“By using sales-i, we have been able to really dig into our customers, and better understand how we can help to service their needs. From simply updating our key contacts, right through to looking at gap analysis, sales-i has really helped us to improve the service we offer to each and every customer.”


James York, Sales & Marketing Director at Springpack

 One of the goals Springpack set itself, was to look into a way to offer eco-friendly products more effectively. By running a series of product reports the team was able to get to some really rich product data with just a few clicks of a button. James continued:

“Using the reporting suite on sales-i is not only quick and easy to use, but the data we can extract is vital to how we operate. By running the reports, we can use the data to form a list of customers to contact about a particular product or range”


James York, Sales & Marketing Director at Springpack

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The solution

As I’m sure you can imagine, the way Springpack use sales-i has changed since it went live. They now have more users than ever before, with a mix of teams also using the tool. Chris Clarke, Marketing Manager at Springpack, added:

“Having the whole team using one piece of kit is great, and having the same data available to everyone makes it so easy for everyone to get involved. sales-i is a really great tool, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes us next!”


Chris Clarke, Marketing Manager

The results

Through the use of sales-i, the team now works more efficiently. Reports are quick and easy to run, and the data is available 24/7. Running reports, such as gap analysis, quickly shows the opportunities, and areas to discuss with our customers.

On a daily basis, the team looks at down spending accounts, and contacts them to see how their business is going, and if they are in need of any packaging solutions. James commented:

“You often hear the team on the phone talking to customers about their account, and all of the data comes from sales-i. It’s now firmly part of our daily routine. To be honest, it’s now part of the Springpack family!”


James York, Sales & Marketing Director at Springpack

The future

The future for Springpack is incredibly bright. Although we are 5 years into our relationship, there is more to come. They are constantly looking at new ways to use their data, and sales-i is very much part of that.

James concluded “We’re often asked if we would recommend sales-i. The answer? A resounding yes!”

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