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Strata Stones.

Strata Stones have been using sales-i for over 5 years and haven’t looked back since.


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Strata Stones is the UK division of Stone Age, India’s leading producer and exporter of ethically sourced natural stones.

  • £3.8M net sales value for 2019
  • 12% growth on profit for 2nd half of 2019
  • 50% growth from Jan 2019 - Jan 2020

The Overview.

Strata Stones is a natural stone importer established in 2005, with the aim of bringing top quality natural stone paving to the UK. Since their inception, Strata Stones has become one of the leading suppliers of stone paving to builders’ merchants and landscapers across the UK and even further afield.

As the sole UK supplier of a catalogue of natural stone products from India, they are the stone company of choice and supplying 38 countries, across every continent in the world.

Headquartered in Ipswich at their vast distribution site, the company has provided top quality, innovative materials and outstanding service levels to its international customer base for 15 years.

The Challenge.

In a challenging industry, the Strata Stones team were struggling to keep up with their key accounts and sales. They needed a simple solution of tracking their products quickly and effectively. National Sales Manager, Duncan Murray, was all too aware of the problem and wanted to action a positive change.

Duncan shares that “Our Area Sales Managers weren’t always up to date with information on their customers and we found it difficult to keep on top of who was ordering what, and when.”

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The Solution.

Having sales-i to instantly deliver all of the business insights to their chosen device, the team at Strata Stones can continue focusing their attention on the quality and service of their products to the UK landscaping market, as well as the interior and home furnishing markets.

When a salesperson has the right information in front of them, they are able to access a full overview of their customer health and identify any patterns, such as a decrease in spend, or an up-sell opportunity that could be taken advantage of. With this, the salesperson is automatically ahead of the competition and can make strategical business decisions based on the statistics. For example, if they notice a customer buying behaviour has dropped in a certain product, they can nurture that relationship and call the customer to query any problems.

The Strata Stones team needed to implement a new piece of technology that could quickly deliver information to each Sales Manager and Rep, to put them in the most knowledgeable position. After thorough research, they discovered sales-i and the benefits it would bring to the company.

Duncan shares that sales-i “takes all the hassle out of our reporting. sales-i has been in place since I started at Strata Stones and by the end of my first day, I had a clear understanding of the company’s performance in the marketplace. The company have been using the soft ware for over 5 years and haven’t looked back since.”

Now, a sales-i user at Strata Stones can confidently enter a customer meeting and instantly present their spending figures and buying patterns in a sleek and sophisticated document that is automatically built for them. This eliminates the time the user spends searching for certain pieces of customer information, and further hours compiling it into a master presentation to share at the meeting. sales-i has done all of the hard work for them.

"Be it financial or customer information that we need, this is all available in sales-i in just a few clicks."


Duncan Murray, National Sales Manager

The Results.

Since joining Strata Stones and discovering sales-i, Duncan has been really impressed with the amount of information readily available within the system and has already seen a 50% growth from January 2019 - January 2020, with a 12% increase in profit for the second half of 2019.

“We have instant access to up-to-date information that we can use when we’re out in the field or meeting with customers. Often when we’re away from the office, we lose connection or get a poor signal, but with the offline ability, we can still continue our job stress-free.”

In addition, Duncan and his team can now pinpoint the precise customers or product lines that are underperforming and work to rectify this before it’s too late. “Having the ability to look at all of our customers’ performance at the touch of a button is without a doubt priceless for us. sales-i really does help us to keep on top of our best sellers and high moving product lines”, Duncan confesses.

The Future.

As the Strata Stones team continue to use sales-i to uncover key sales information on their customers, they will continue to grow both on a national and international scale. Duncan concludes by saying that “the whole sales-i team is fantastic and nothing is too difficult for them, you get answers and help immediately.”

“Be it financial or customer information that we need, this is all available in sales-i in a few clicks. The ease of reporting is invaluable, and I can’t recommend sales-i enough.”

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