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Come and meet the sales-i team at our upcoming events. 

As an international business, it’s important for us to attend as many events as possible to share our powerful and innovative sales enablement software to manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers around the world.

With events running throughout the year, from coast to coast in the USA, and across the pond to the UK, we’ll be on hand to give you a demonstration of how our sales solution can work best for your business requirements.

Whether that’s understanding your customers better to identify upsell or cross-sell opportunities, or to create a more streamlined and productive organization by monitoring your team’s performance.

Come and say hello!

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itSHOWCASE, Manchester 2021.
itSHOWCASE, Manchester 2021.

Meet sales-i at itSHOWCASE Manchester 2021

itSHOWCASE, Birmingham 2021.
itSHOWCASE, Birmingham 2021.

Meet sales-i at itSHOWCASE Birmingham 2021

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