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United UK.

United UK are using sales-i to super-charge their reporting and gain valuable data insights.

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United UK is a UK independent provider of office supplies and managed business services, providing a professional and cost-effective service.

  • 21,000+ SKUs
  • 3 products
  • 24 sales-i users

The Overview.

With five satellite branches across the UK, and a Milton Keynes head office and manufacturing plant, United UK deliver value, quality and trust to every customer.

As an independent supplier, they understand the value of first class service and deliver this through their caring and knowledgeable staff.

Within a highly competitive industry, United UK is working hard and smart to offset the decline in traditional products in favour of new technologies and evolving working practices.

The Challenge.

To deliver on the standards of excellence laid out in their company mission, United UK needed to arm every member of their staff with the latest information to exceed customer service expectations.

When we spoke with Graham Bourton, Managing Director at United UK, he explained how the challenges faced by the company before sales-i was implemented were largely down to their existing cumbersome reporting system.

“Our existing system was slow. Its working capacity was often occupied with running reports which impacted on the system as a whole.” Graham continued, “As well as the functionality of the reports, creating and exporting them was not user-friendly.”

As a result of the sluggish reporting and supporting systems, the team at United UK were wasting time and missing valuable insights.

“We were wasting resources. We didn’t have the latest information on our customers to direct the sales team. The delays meant we were slow to respond even when we did have insight.”


The Solution.

When Graham was looking into solutions to the slow reporting and data insights at United UK he recalled a product called sales-i. Having previously seen the impact that fast, actionable insights can have on a company first hand, he got in touch.

“I had used sales-i in a previous role and knew I could get the information we desperately needed in just minutes,” he continued. “All the data can be accessed on the fly whilst on the road and with a customer thanks to bespoke reports accessible via the mobile app.”

"We can see all of the activities of

our customers and reps. Now we

can easily identify and focus on

our underperforming categories."


Graham Bourton, Managing Director


The Results.

The increased processing speed coupled with the number of employees able to access and use the data had a dramatic effect on the productivity of the company as a whole.

Graham noted that the team used the Enquiries section of sales-i all day, every day. “We can see all of the activities of our customers and reps. Now we can easily identify and focus on our underperforming categories.”

As a Managing Director, Graham was also looking for a way to effectively review and report on the performance of each team and individuals.

“With sales-i, I can quickly see activity by rep, branch or location. This helps drive decision making and maintains focus.” The time saved by exporting these results was added to by the easy-read style of the reports, “The results are presented in a useable format” he added, which meant that there was no need to rework the various charts and graphs produced.

The Future.

United UK is a shining gem in the crown of sales-i. Their dedication and commitment to supporting their teams to get the most out of the system have been exemplary since going live in 2017. They boast users across a broad spectrum of types, 16 sales, 1 marketing and 7 power user licences, delivering insight and reporting to serve their Sales Management, Sales, Customer Service, Commercial Team and Sales Support functions.

To maintain high user adoption statistics, United UK appointed 3 enthusiastic sales-i Champions to encourage, help onboard and maximise the impact of sales-i to the whole company.

Furthermore, Graham plans further exploration of the system. “We want to use more of the marketing functionality, we are aware of the advancements that are being made here and they are exactly what we are looking for so we know we do not need to find a complimentary system to achieve our next aim.”

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