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Improve your Campaigns knowledge and win free consultation sessions.

Live learning sessions.
Every Thursday 10 am and 2 pm GMT.

To help maximise the return sales-i gives you, we are running four live learning sessions spread over 5 weeks, to teach you how to become a Campaigns champion.

As an added bonus if you attend any of the four sessions, you will automatically be entered into a prize draw where your company can win three 30 minute Campaigns consultation sessions with a sales-i expert.

What is Campaigns?

The Campaigns feature of sales-i is where you can view alerts based on set criteria designed by your Power User.

These alerts are a useful tool to prompt and inform important conversations with your customers.

It's one of the most powerful areas of sales-i but can often be under utilised by businesses.

Campaigns can be as creative as you need: from identifying valuable cross-selling opportunities to monitoring any customers that are down in spend in a particular product group in a certain region and assigning them to reps to ensure prompt follow-up.

Customers who use Campaigns in sales-i are among our most successful, that's why we are offering free live training to make sure and your company benefit too.



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What sessions are available?

We're running 4 different sessions spread across the next 5 Thursdays.

There is a session each day at 10 am and 2 pm.

If you're a power user, team leader or marketing user, we heavily recommend attending these sessions.

  • Thursday 12th November – Campaigns Series #1 – Introduction to Campaigns
  • Thursday 19th November – Campaigns Series #2 – Identify Missed Sales Opportunities
  • Thursday 26th November – Campaigns Series #3 – Advanced Campaigns
  • Thursday 10th December – Campaigns Series #4 – Get Your Team to use Campaigns
    (Please note: these webinars will use our new Enquiries feature.)

For more information on each session click here.

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The sessions in detail:

Introduction to

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Thursday 12th November 
10 am & 2 pm GMT

The first of a four-part series of live learning sessions on Campaigns, this session will introduce you to the Campaigns area of sales-i talking you through what they are, how they are best used, how they can be generated, and ideas for best practice when generating campaigns.

Missed this webinar? You can catch up here.


Identify Missed

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Thursday 19th November 
10 am & 2 pm GMT

The second Campaigns session of the month will show you how to identify customers with missed cross-sell or up-sell opportunities, as well as identifying where customers have stopped spending with you altogether.

Missed this webinar? You can catch up here.


Thursday 26th November 
10 am & 2 pm GMT

In session number 3 we will build on the knowledge gained from the previous live learnings to assist and advise best practice when creating campaigns with multiple filters.

We will provide scenarios and examples of more complex Campaigns based on our experience working with customers like you.

Missed this webinar? You can catch up here.

Get Your Team to use Campaigns

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Thursday 10th December 
10 am & 2 pm GMT

The final of a four-part series of live learnings on Campaigns, this webinar will give advice on how to encourage your team to use the campaigns we have created throughout the series.

This includes best practice advice on naming your campaigns, campaign subscriptions, prioritising campaigns, reporting on your campaigns, and approaching your team.

Recommended Pre-requisites: To get the most from this webinar, you should have some campaigns created in your sales-i login and a basic understanding of CRM Reporting. If you want a recap on CRM Reporting, please review the sales-i Masterclass on our Training Academy.


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