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V12 Footwear

sales-i helps V12 Footwear manage their customers more effectively and access sales information with ease.


V12 Footwear pride themselves on designing the most comfortable safety footwear for the most demanding working environments.

About V12 Footwear

Based in Chippenham, South West England, the company was established in 1998 to supply full strength footwear to high profile industry leaders such as BP, Honda, and Sky.

Although they operate on a global scale, their goal is to provide a personal service with honesty, integrity, and quality, with friendly customer service and excellence at the fore.

"Customer spend analysis can easily be accessed on the road and during a visit.

The Challenge

As the business and sales team grew, so did the challenges that V12 faced.

Daniel Moors, Sales Director explains. “We had a few issues – The sales team did not have access to customer information, we had no easy way of seeing variance reports and diary management was all done in Outlook, so there was no way of reviewing which customers had been visited.”

“This all meant that data on call outcomes was limited to ad-hoc conversations between the sales office and the external team, which was obviously not ideal!”

The Solution

At the start of 2016, V12 Footwear looked into how to stop these challenges and decided it was time to give sales-i a try!

Daniel says the company hasn’t looked back since. “sales-i has provided a structured platform for effective customer management.”

“The team are now able to gain detailed sales information specific to their customers, which helps direct their activity more strategically and helps support good call objectives for each visit made.”

sales-i is a great CRM package that delivers customer sales information in a user-friendly format.” Daniel Moors
Sales Director


When asked about the results since implementing sales-i, Daniel says, “Since using sales-i, we have noticed increased visibility for the sales team in terms of visits made, and logging outcomes from the calls made.”

Two areas of sales-i that V12 Footwear has found particularly beneficial are Snapshot Reporting and Autopilot.

Snapshot reporting allows users to create rich, customer-facing reports in seconds which include information on their top-selling products, purchasing patterns, sales values and much more in a well-presented report for customer meetings.

Daniel says “The Customer Snapshot function has really helped to provide a focus during high-level business review meetings with customers.”

Autopilot is designed to make the meeting preparation process easier. Taking a user’s activity for the day ahead and automatically producing all the information needed to make each sales meeting a success, including a snapshot report, key financials, and any outstanding sales opportunities.

Daniel says of Autopilot. “sales-i’s Autopilot function has helped productivity when our sales team are on the road. The details of the sales reporting the system gives really helps to focus on the areas that are likely to deliver the best results.”

What's next?

When asked about future plans, Daniel answered “We will be utilizing functions within sales-i further in the New Year and are equipping the team with 4G enabled tablets in order to see further efficiency benefits with the use of Autopilot and being able to enter call summaries after each visit.”

The benefits of this are two-fold for V12 Footwear. “This will help free up admin time for the sales team and ensure that customer spend analysis can easily be accessed on the road and during a visit.”

Less admin time for the V12 Footwear sales team also means more time for the sales team to do what they do best- sell!


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