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sales-i is now a part of the Vendor Neutral Certified 100 Program.


CHICAGO, IL, May 18th, 2020 – sales-i, an award-winning sales enablement software provider, has been announced as part of the Vendor Neutral Certified 100 Program

Data-driven business decisions will help grow your success.

Article written by Chris Rogers, Account Executive at sales-i.

After reading Randy Bean and Tom Davenport’s article on why Companies are Failing to Become Data-Driven, it was important to highlight how these findings tie into the manufacturing and distribution sectors around the globe.

Becoming ‘data-driven’ is something that every organization considers, because data has proven to be valuable for so many

crm solutions

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are swiftly becoming essential practice for many companies of all shapes and sizes. With over 60% of distributors already using CRM in some capacity, these tools are an easy way for companies to stay on top of their game and keep customers happy

And yet, recent research from MDM states that a measly 36% of users are actually happy with the level of ROI generated from their CRM system