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Now is the time to really manage your team.
Now is the time to really manage your team.

As a manager right now, if you’re separated from your team and unable to rely on hitting the phones to fill salespeople’s diaries – what can you do? And do you know what your team is doing?

Our team has collated a series of practical instructions to get your employees contributing to the future success of your business by actively using sales-i’s range of CRM features. Getting your teams online and building CRM data now will fuel growth later

most important number in sales
Tip 1: 173 is the most important number in sales

173. This number should always be in the back of every salesperson’s mind because it’s the number of selling hours every salesperson has every month.

Why is it so important?

Because, how you use your time will reflect your overall performance.

Salespeople can get bogged down with too many non-selling tasks that consume their time. Activities such as administration, supporting existing customers, internal meetings and researching, can have a detrimental impact on those precious 173 hours

role of the sales manager
Tip 2: The role of a sales manager

It may sound like it’s easy to describe what a sales manager’s role is but so many get it so wrong.

Realistically, a sales manager should only concentrate on two areas:

To manage their team to achieve TODAY’S goals To recruit, develop and nurture their team to achieve TOMORROW’S goals

It’s that simple