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To demonstrate the value of sales-i throughout a day in the life of a salesperson we have created a timeline of activity with and without sales-i

We have armed Jess at company A with sales-i. Jo at company B doesn’t have access to a business intelligence platform like sales-i

Getting your team back on the road
Getting your team back on the road

With more than 97% of the U.S. population having experienced a stay-at-home or shelter-in-place order, the coronavirus pandemic continues to challenge our resolve.

The latest stats show many states will start opening up around the beginning of May and will restart based on federal guidelines. However, school closures will remain in effect through the end of the academic year.

With factories ramping up, enforcing social distancing between workers is going to be difficult to achieve due to work-space conditions

The Jaws Effect What it’s going to take to reopen businesses and start selling again?


If you’ve ever watched the film Jaws, you know the trepidation of tip-toeing back into the ocean and the psychological tricks the mind plays. As the coronavirus swims away to possibly rear its ugly head again, business leaders are left with the tremors of trying to return to pre-coronavirus normalcy.


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