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CRM: terrible system or terrible users?

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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During one of my daily web surfing sessions, I came across an article: 11 Terrible CRM Systems For Your Company. My initial thoughts were, “Why was the owner of a CRM reseller being so negative about their own product range?”

As I continued to read on, I realized that it wasn’t in fact the CRM systems that were terrible, but more the attitudes of the people who use them. In short: you get what you put in.

This got me thinking about the benefits of sales-i; yes we have a CRM system built in which will have the same hindrances as the ones in the article, however it’s the Business Intelligence side that is really the deciding factor as to whether a sales and customer management system will work for you.

CRM relies wholly on the information added by employees, whereas Business Intelligence takes information directly from your back office system. This means you will have sales information regardless of whether your sales team is on board or not. It will be accurate as the information is based on actual transactions and will be actionable, as you can segment that data – everything a CRM system can’t do.

In the right hands, a CRM system will be a valuable tool for any sales orientated business, but it fails so often because of the users (I know as I have witnessed it first hand in my previous employment). CRM systems aren’t cheap either, so you want to make sure you’re buying the correct system that will get your employees excited and involved.

It’s for this reason that you should consider Business Intelligence as an option to guarantee a system that will work for not only your business, but for your employees too.

Not seen what Business Intelligence can do? See it in action with a free demo or watch the video below.

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