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written by sales-i Marketing Team

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Social media has muscled into our lives like a hungry man at a barbeque. Not only is social media taking over our personal lives it is also firmly cemented its place in business too. That’s why sales-i is active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Follow our accounts to get the latest sales news, blog updates, photos, answers to support queries and whatever fun stuff is happening around the office.


This is our main social media outlet. Natalie and myself try our best to our tweets interesting. We’re also pretty quick at responding to your queries through Twitter – mainly because Natalie is a twitterholic!

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Follow our LinkedIn page and we’ll share with you all our latest blog posts and relevant stories about increasing sales. Plus you’ll find most of our staff on here so you can put a face to a name.

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Not only do we share our latest infographics but we’ve also got our newest adverts, things we like and of course a picture of the space invaders arcade machine we have in the office.

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Google Plus

We add a bit of everything to Google Plus including the latest blog posts, any interesting articles we come across, photos and general fun stuff.

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So if you’re looking to interact with sales-i, head on over to these sites and give us a follow, like or pin!

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