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The Driving to Close online course is designed to improve the quality of interactions with new prospects throughout the sales process.
Your team will learn actionable techniques for handling objections, negotiating, closing deals and winning opportunities away from the competition.



This course is particularly beneficial if you close – or want to.
If you’re in sales development but want to move to an account executive role, or you’re an account executive who still prospects, then this course is for you.
If you’re in client success or account management, we also recommend the Driving to Close program.

Topics include:


In this session we discuss the main goal of negotiations, when to negotiate and the importance of objectivity and equality throughout the entire process.


In this session we explore why objections are so challenging for sales reps to deal with and how to put ourselves in the best position to handle them effectively.


In this session we talk about the challenge of closing and why it’s important to not only think of closing at the end of the sale process, we need to practice at every stage.

Your Instructor - John Barrows

John Barrows started his career making over 400 calls a week and growing Thrive Networks to a $10 million a year company and taking every training he could. After Thrive was acquired by Staples, John joined Basho, the team whose training resonated with him the most. At Basho, John was the only trainer who also was active in selling their services each and every day. After Basho, John launched JBarrows sales training and has trained sales reps around the world at companies like Salesforce, Google, and Box.

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sales-i are offering two courses in partnership with  JBarrows: Filling the funnel and Driving to close.

Each course can be booked individually or together at a specially reduced package price.

Payment guarantees access to the online course portal for a whole year.

Have lots of sales people? Discounted rates are available too, check out the prices below.


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