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Automatically generate sales from your existing customers with Email Sales Pro

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Automating your customer data into more sales, with targeted email campaigns

sales-i™ and Essendant™ have collaborated to bring you Email Sales Pro. Driven by point-of-sales data, Email Sales Pro automatically delivers email campaigns that are personalized based on user’s purchasing data to help you:

• Build Customer Loyalty
• Reward Loyal Customers
• Win-back Lost Customers
• Increase Sales

This easy-to-setup email sales automation tool is added to your Essendant Email System and does not require additional marketing, technology, creative, or analytic personnel to run. You will maintain control over offers, business rules and campaign enrollment, while Essendant™ and sales-i™ does the heavy lifting of data crunching, email development and sending for you.

Email Sales Pro Programs


Identifies active customers who have not purchased from a specific product category, and then triggers email promotions related to those non-purchased product categories to increase share of wallet.


Identifies active customers who recently purchased specific product SKUs, and then triggers an email promotion directly related to that purchase, to drive upgrades and incremental sales.


Identifies new customers making their first purchase and then triggers up to 4 emails based on continued purchase behavior, driving new customers conversions on their path to loyalty.


Identifies customers with a purchase anniversary and then triggers an email with an exclusive offer to help build customer lifetime value and incremental sales.


Identifies customers with slowed purchase behavior and trigger a personalized promotional email to reactivate those customer accounts, restoring purchase frequency, and driving incremental sales.


Identifies customers who are no longer purchasing and then triggers an email with aggressive promotions to convert these inactive customers into active buyers.

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