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A New Era in Intelligent Account Management:

SugarCRM Acquires sales-i.

Thu, 18 July 2024

4 PM BST | 10 AM CST

45 minutes

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Intelligent sales strategies that transform revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction. 

In a world where data drives decisions, the acquisition of sales-i by SugarCRM isn’t just strategic—it’s transformative. This unification redefines how businesses use data to forge ahead in competitive markets.

By integrating sales-i’s predictive analytics with SugarCRM’s sales automation solution, we’re not just reacting to market needs but anticipating them, setting a new standard for the future of what CRM and revenue intelligence solutions can do to help you sell smarter and grow faster.

Join us as Andy Yeates, Solution Consulting Director, and Paul Black, SVP, Products, Sales Intelligence at SugarCRM, take you through our journey of how you can:

      • Gain a deeper understanding of the strategic thinking that guided our decision to reshape the CRM and Revenue Intelligence landscape.

      • Learn about how our unified strengths will identify unique opportunities for business growth.

      • Get excited about our ambitious plans to enable happy, efficient salespeople whose customers look forward to meeting.

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Paul Black

SVP Products, Sales Intelligence, SugarCRM

Andy Yeates 

Solution Consulting Director, SugarCRM

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