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Finding the right opportunities to call

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’ve also been reading my sales call email series.

Sales calls are an important and inevitable part of any sales role.

And I’m sure you’d agree that improving the way you operate on your calls is key to success.

I mean, we’ve all seen the Wolf of Wall Street, haven’t we?

How good is this sales pitch from Leonardo Di Caprio’s Jordan Belfort?

(Explicit language)

But there’s no point being THAT good at making calls if you’re chasing the wrong people.

So what if I could show you a way of finding the best opportunities to call every month?

What if these calls that I’m talking about are with the people who are easiest to sell to – your current customers?

And what if these opportunities are some of the easiest, most lucrative to close that you’ll ever see?

Is that something that would interest you?

I should imagine so.

Because if you could absolutely maximize your share of every customer account you manage, you’d be making a lot more money.

Even if you just managed to maximise 20% of the customer base’s spend you’d be far better off.

You’d not only hit your targets, but smash them, every single month.

Less stress and more money – who wouldn’t want that?

What I’ve described above is completely achievable through the company I work for.

It’s called sales-i.

sales-i is an easy-to-use system which can do A LOT of amazing stuff that will make your whole team’s life very easy.

For now, let’s just focus on the benefit I mentioned above – the finding opportunities benefit.

sales-i has a feature called Campaigns.

Within Campaigns, you can set up alerts that answer some very lucrative questions.

Let’s just assume for a moment you work in the automotive industry.

Imagine being able to answer, in just a few clicks, questions like:

   Q: “Which of my accounts buys brake pads from me every month, but have never bought brake discs?”

   Q: “Which of my accounts, who spend an average of $5000+ per month, dropped in spend last month? What did they stop purchasing?”

   Q: “Which of my accounts have stopped spending altogether, when and what did they used to buy?”

Can you imagine the power you’d have in your hands?

You’d be able to call your accounts with direct, money-making questions at hand such as:

   “Where do you buy your brake discs from and at what price?”

   “You usually buy 2000 units of washer fluid from us but bought none last month, why was that?”

   “You used to purchase X, Y and Z from us but stopped back in February, why is that and where do you now purchase them?”

Once the relevant campaigns are setup (very easy to do), you’ll get an alert to check the results however often you want it.

Think of it like a golf caddy for your sales team.

sales-i will tell you who to call, what to ask them and why, just as a caddy tells Golfers which club to use and what the wind is doing.

All you have to do is call, ask and sell.

It really is as simple as that.

Now you wouldn’t see the world’s top golfers playing without a caddy’s guidance.

So why are you selling without the guidance of your customers’ data?

Now, I’m not going to ask you to buy sales-i now, of course not – that would be ridiculous.

But what I am going to ask you to do is sign up for a free, online demonstration.

They last 20-30 minutes – a pretty measly investment for the amount of money it could make you.

It’s even tailored to your specific challenges so you’ll know very quickly if you see any value or not.

Fill out the form from the link and someone will be in touch as soon as they can.

Again, it’s totally free, no obligation to sign up whatsoever.

Take a look, it could make you a much happier, wealthier, less stressful salesperson.

Speak soon,


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