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Food and Drink Industry Report: the industry in 2017 and beyond

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The UK food and drink industry was worth just over £95bn in 2016. Certainly, not an industry to be sniffed at, we recently partnered with leading publication Food and Drink International to take a thorough look into the state of the industry.

We surveyed over 160 professionals from across the food and drink industry to get a deeper understanding of how they perceive their industry, in which areas they’re optimistic and where they feel the biggest threats lie.

Some of the key findings from our report include:

  • 61% of respondents say product innovation will be a major opportunity for the year ahead
  • Almost half (48%) cite finding and retaining new business a challenge
  • 37% believe increasing globalisation will be a promising possibility in the run up to 2020.

In our extensive Food and Drink Industry Report, we reveal the true state of the industry and outline where the real opportunities lie for food and drink companies and where they might encounter challenges. We also analyse the impact that technology is [playing upon the industry and how it is using these advancements to safeguard its future.

Download the full industry guide now.

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