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Fun Shirt Friday!

written by Chloe Cordell

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The sales-i UK office has never looked brighter with

Fun Shirt Friday

The sales-i team digs out their most colorful, vibrant and headache-inducing shirts every single week – without fail – for Fun Shirt Friday. You would be surprised at how crazy they can be sometimes (protect your eyes!).

It’s now a tradition in our UK office to add a little bit of flair to the end of our workweek, to brighten the place up when it’s gloomy outside. Everything from delicious fruit to whacky prints can be seen walking around with laptops.

Paul Wright, Senior Trainer at sales-i, came up with the idea to make people smile on a slow Friday afternoon. Paul is typically two-stepping his way to his training room to show customers just how they can utilize their sales-i to the max. He’s always full of good spirit, so it’s no shock when he wanted to introduce Fun Shirt Friday on a weekly basis.

And let’s face it, we all need a splash of color to lift us after a week of hard work.

Individuals from different departments have been laughing and joking about the best (or worse?) shirt of the day; from the development team right through to sales. Even colleagues that wouldn’t normally cross paths have been admiring the awful choices together.

However, the team seems to get more competitive as the weeks go on, which only means one thing… the shirts get progressively worse.

From watermelons to seeing triple, it’s safe to say that we’ve all gone silly!

But the question is… who wore it best?

sales-i team in funky shirts

The sales-i UK office has never looked so bright with Fun Shirt Friday.

From top left clockwise: Walter, Lee, Chris, Gavin, Behadir, Jack, Harry.

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