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How to be brilliant!

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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Sometimes good just isn’t good enough. A strong statement I know to start off a blog post but if you’re ‘good’ at something you will probably be joining thousands more who are as competent as you because, let’s face it, good is the next step up from average.

With this in mind, would you rather be a good salesperson or a brilliant one? You could be the Frank Sinatra of sales, or you could just carry on being the Miley Cyrus. Here’s how to ditch the monkey on your back and break into #TeamBrilliant.

1. Say bye bye to ‘busyness’

Modern society is changing. No longer is there a structured work/home balance. You’re constantly connected, your day is filled with tasks you need to complete and you’re even too busy to cook anything but a tasty microwave meal. You’re living fast, but are you living well?

The ‘busyness’ culture of today means you’re not fully immersed in life; you’re skimming the surface of it, trying to complete tasks quickly so you can move onto the next. This autopilot mode is a huge impediment to being brilliant. It’s time to press ctrl, alt, delete and focus on doing a couple of things brilliantly rather than lots of things well. By making your life simpler, everything will become clearer and you will be one step closer to being brilliant.

2. Ditch the stone-age thinking and embrace change

By default everyone is programmed to place greater emphasis on the bad over the good. And by programmed I don’t mean a spotty teenager hacking into your brain from his computer, I mean our natural instinct. Think about it: you’re about to go on holiday to what looks like a nice hotel, you’ve read all the reviews and one hundred were positive. However, if you find one that is negative, it’s this that plays on your mind, even at a ratio of 100:1.

To be brilliant you need to have a change of mindset. Take Jaguar/Land Rover as an example. A few years ago their sales were dwindling, they were as profitable as an electric heater salesman in the Sahara desert,therefore, they needed a change. They ditched the Stone Age thinking that every customer wanted a wooden dashboard and a V8 engine and completely revamped their range to bring it up-to-date. They ignored the negativity from the press saying they were stepping away from their core values and continued to focus on the positive aspects of the new models. The results are that they are now capturing new markets, enjoying continued growth and acting as a point of inspiration for the entire British economy. Not bad for a change of mindset.

3. Remember the why

In a work environment especially, we can get fixated on what we do and how we do it without ever really thinking about why we do it. What is it that really fuels your passion? It could be the sense of relief and joy from securing a big contract, or maybe it’s because there’s a big promotion just around the corner. Whatever the reason, you need to remember what the key benefit of you doing that task is.

If there is no benefit, then why are you doing it?

4. Mistakes are part of the brilliant journey

Every brilliant salesperson has made mistakes in their life. Mistakes are just a stop off point in every brilliant journey. Without mistakes you have nothing to learn from, so how can you improve?

Don’t worry about making mistakes and instead focus on the next task in hand. For example, you’re a salesperson working on a big opportunity and you can almost smell that freshly signed order form coming in, when suddenly your prospect goes quiet and signs up with a competitor. This is no time to despair, it’s time to evaluate your actions, analyze your customer’s response and understand why you didn’t win the deal. It’s only through evaluation that you can gain enough information to learn from your mistakes.

That next sale will be a piece of cake!

5. One success isn’t enough

Being brilliant isn’t about being a one-hit wonder. Would you class Chesney Hawkes as brilliant? I don’t think so. Being brilliant is about gaining a success, enjoying it and then moving on to your next one. Continual successes are born from everything I have mentioned above: from focusing on the important tasks; embracing a change in your mindset depending on the situation at hand; remembering what fuels your passion and learning from your previous mistakes.

Repeat this for every sales opportunity and only then can you truly be brilliant!

PS: Being brilliant is hard work, but sales-i can help make the transition that bit easier for a salesperson. Our software turns a good salesperson into a brilliant one almost overnight. To see how watch our video.

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