IDI Shareholder Conference 2018

Where: Toronto, Canada

When: May 29 – June 1, 2018

What: With an extensive range of industrial supplies to sell, you need the right industrial software solutions to help you manage the performance of individual products and maximize profits. Spot unmissable sales opportunities at a glance with sales-i and start making impressive margins on every sale.

What We Do:

Our software automatically analyzes invoice data from your back office system in a graphical format to identify new sales, discover issues before they become problems and streamline your sales process. In short, sales-i accelerates sales revenue.

Want to Experience sales-i First Hand?


Salespeople don't have time to analyze reams of data to answer questions like, "Who's buying goggles but not gloves?" or "Who's buying nuts but not bolts?" sales-i answers questions like these frequently and sends the results directly to your inbox.


A company of your shape and size has one key issue: lack of visibility. With all of your customer and financial data stored and analyzed in one, easy-to-use system, you'll get incredible insight into your customer base with displayed graphically data.


Get alerts when your key accounts' spend drops, changes or stops altogether, helping you to spot a leaking customer and prevent them from leaving before it's too late. sales-i gives your salespeople reasons to call, all they need to do get on the phone