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Infographic: how to handle a customer complaint in 9 steps

written by Steven Franklin

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Never underestimate the importance of a customer complaining.

It is far better for a customer to be annoyed and let you know rather than for a customer to be annoyed and leave you without you even realizing.

It means you have an opportunity to put things right and to potentially build a relationship with them, where there may not have been one before.

However, there is no doubt that handling a customer complaint can be a daunting task.

The infographic below gives 9 steps to follow to help both you and the customer get through this difficult process.

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9 steps to handle customer complaints

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I am a Marketing Executive at sales-i and have been since September 2016. Prior to this I worked in the b2b service industry for 6 years and had roles in Marketing, Sales and Account Management during this time. I Enjoyed it, learnt a lot but missed focusing solely on the marketing side, I missed the feeling of writing a good blog, the excitement of sending out a good emailer and the thrill of opening up google analytics . I'm sad I know.

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