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Inter Office Products, Inc. uncovers $50,000 worth of sales from just ONE sales-i alert!

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Wisconsin-based Inter Office Products, an established family business founded in 1968, has hit the ground running, generating significant new sales opportunities only 6 days into its sales-i implementation.

Inter Office Products provides much more than just office supplies. Janitorial supplies, breakroom products, furniture and interior design services are just some of the products and services on offer and all available on next day delivery. Customer service and quality are cornerstones of the Inter Office Products brand.

The company’s very recent decision to select sales-i as its sales and customer intelligence service has boosted its customer awareness and sales intelligence to such an extent that its president and CEO, Dennis Martins, can’t quite believe the impact it has had.

“sales-i has taken my breath away!” Dennis says. “In just 6 days I have learned more about my customers and their buying behavior and history that I could ever have known. I can see who is buying what and who isn’t and from running one simple sales-i alert.”

“I made 20 calls and realized 5 or 6 sales opportunities that combined are valued in excess of $50,000!”

That is quite an achievement in its own right but made more so by the fact that Dennis does not usually rely on computers to do his job and he hasn’t even had any sales-i training yet! “We only got sales-i in a week ago and are still doing our data transfer and embarking on training. I just wanted to give it a go and voila! – Who would have believed what the impact would be? I haven’t even followed up the initial set of opportunities yet!”

While Dennis is unearthing real conversions, scheduling appointments and closing new sales he is also aware of the immense customer intelligence that he is building through this initial sales-i exercise. “We are re-engaging with prospects and turning them into customers but we are also finding out who our competition is and what the customer is buying elsewhere. This is incredibly valuable going forward and will enable us to directly target customers and increase their spend with us.”

Dennis first saw sales-i at a meeting at United Stationers in Chicago. “I saw a demonstration of sales-i and it took me less than 30 seconds to say ‘yes please, I want it’ – it was a complete no-brainer,” recalls Dennis. “Now the rest of our sales people are pumped up about sales-i having seen the very visible success it has generated.”

“This is what sales-i is all about – empowering sales people with actionable information on customers’ buying patterns and converting that into real sales opportunities,” comments Kevin McGirl, sales-i co-founder. “Dennis’ story is echoed across office products companies in the US but I must admit he has been quicker than most to knuckle down and explore the possibilities even before we did the training! This success is testament to his proactive approach to customers and selling and to sales-i’s very intuitive interface and ease of use.”

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