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Leading brewery and sales-i customer Brewdog featured on BBC News

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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It’s always exciting for us here at sales-i to see our customers featured in the media for any reason, be it award wins, new products or even for having a different take on their hiring process. But this morning saw craft brewery and sales-i customer Brewdog featured on BBC News.

How Brewdog became so popular

If you’re a fan of good-tasting beer and somewhat quirky brands, Brewdog is certainly for you and, as a company, they’ve become incredibly popular in the last couple of years amongst beer aficionados and weekend drinkers. With turnover set to tip the £32m mark this year, the company has come from humble beginnings in a remote part of North East Scotland and is set to continue on its upward path for the foreseeable future.

Hell-bent on success and international expansion, the company introduced sales-i’s business intelligence to its team almost a year ago. A good beer is one thing, but being able to sell it is another, particularly in a bustling market such as this one.

That is where sales-i can step in, helping salespeople and business owners to make smarter decisions. Informing sales teams when a customer’s spend may be falling, or if they’re not buying a particular product but should be, sales-i transforms the typically reactive salesperson into a proactive one.

The BBC news article goes on to praise Brewdog for their different and sometimes controversial way of doing business. Controversial they may be, but you can’t say Brewdog hasn’t thrown a huge curveball into the traditional beer industry with innovative products and an instantly recognizable brand.

With Brewdog bars now popping up around the country, sales-i is playing a part in fuelling the growth of the company. As Director of Brewdog, Martin Dempster simply states: “sales-i is revolutionary!” While sales-i manages their sales and financial information, highlighting valuable sales opportunities and helping their salespeople to sell more intelligently, the entire team can focus on continuing their domination of the craft beer market.

If you want to find out more about how we’ve been helping Brewdog on their journey or want to know how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

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