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Five ways sales-i can kickstart your business.

Five ways sales-i can kickstart your business. 

The last few weeks have been difficult for almost everyone, but now is the time to act and put your recovery plan into practice. To help get your business back up and running we outline the five most valuable ways sales-ican support you. 

Immediate start. 

With sales-i already receiving and analyzing your data from your back-office system, there is no delay in starting your recovery planning. You can avoid becoming overwhelmed with the task at hand, and the great unknown of life after COVID-19, if you start with small, measurable steps.  

Get your efforts started with a review of the quality of data in your CRM. Build out the Soft Data Fields in sales-i to enable your team to segment your customers in new ways to identify opportunities to kickstart your recovery. 


“I know we’ll be ahead of our competition – as we have instant access to all of our data insights to make the right move” Peter Baines, Information Manager at International Timber, Saint Gobain 


Increase team efficiency.    

If you want your sales team to be effective quickly then they’ll need the focus and insights of sales-i now more than ever. If your business is a few team members light right now, you need every advantage possible to scale business and fill those resource gaps. 


“We are a much more efficient and effective team because we are using sales-i.” Lauren Lister, Head of Sales & Marketing at Beavertown Brewery 


sales-i delivers a centralized area for all customer interactions so that your time-poor team can work together to deliver the same high quality of service. Save valuable time by getting the answers you need from one place and sharing your insights and interactions with your team at the same time.


Using sales-i as part of your daily routine frees your team from time-consuming admin and data analysis tasks. For example, The Snapshot feature quickly creates professional customer-facing reports that demonstrate your company’s knowledge of your customerThe reports deliver powerful insights into buying patterns over a period of up to two years to shape conversations with customers. 


“Before sales-i, our reporting process was that complicated that it was wasting hours of valuable selling time.” Brian Sprott, Sales Director, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company 

Make data-driven decisions.  

You can take the fear out of the unknown business landscape post-COVID-19 with daily updates, analytics, and insights from sales-i. 


“Having the ability to dive as deep as I need into the customer’s statistics is a powerful tool that has elevated my importance to my clients.” Ben Brumbaugh, Territory Manager, Elias Wilf


With sales-i, your team can identify the shifts in buying behaviors across customers and the wider industries you servemonitor product popularity, and quickly spot upsell opportunities to propel your team to success. In a situation where there is no predictability and no precedent to follow, sales-i will continue to deliver timely insights to inform every decision you make.    

“We know if a customer’s buying behaviour has changed and can chase it up almost instantly, which can prevent the risk of churn.” Scott Deacon, Sales Director, Pure Technology Group.


Track, review, and refine.     

Dig deeper into your data in sales-i and review historical data on your teams’ sales tactics to find the most effective way to close deals to your existing customers. Replicate successful tactics, track results, and refine to better suit the new trends of today’s markets. 

A great way for managers to assist the success of their team is through focussed Campaigns, diary management, and sales rep reporting to see what your team is doing, what is working, and how you can help them improve. 


Cost vs impact, going the extra mile.     

Everyone in the team at sales-i understands that the business landscape is uncertain and outgoing costs are under close scrutiny. That’s why we are going the extra mile to support our customers at this time by delivering a range of resources to ensure your team is getting the maximum benefit from sales-i. 

Upcoming UK webinars 

Upcoming US webinars 


Training Academy 



For a low monthly commitment, sales-i is delivering real results for customers across industries.   

Per-user ROI sees a standard £/$60 monthly subscription that delivers an additional income of £/$ 6,560. That’s a whopping 10
,833% increase in your sales-i investment by freeing your sales team to concentrate on selling for 6.62% more of their valuable time, every month.  

The additional 165mins per week your sales specialists that sales-i provides will elevate your team to be the experts in their field, hone their craft, and deliver outstanding customer service. 

Note: Figures are based on statistics from 2017 report into how sales reps use their time by Pace vs average data from sales-i customer data. 

A bright future?

As the world opens up for business, there will be opportunities to take advantage of it.  Get one step ahead of the competition by using sales-i to its full potential. What you do today could be the difference between a rapid recovery or a slow slog back to normality. 


Contact your Customer Success Manager to find out how we can help you extract a higher ROI from your sales-i investment. 



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