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Long nights, longer days but our new website is finally here

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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If you’ve visited our website lately (which you have now, because you’re reading this) you’ve probably noticed that we’ve done quite a lot of tinkering. In fact, we’ve done more than tinker with the site; we’ve actually launched a complete redesign including new branding, navigation and content.

Because of the extent of the changes, I thought it would be fitting to explain exactly what’s changed and why we changed it.

The old website was a bit like an old dog: loyal, hard working and a friend of ours for years, but unfortunately couldn’t learn any new tricks. That’s why we decided to get a puppy and train it up to meet the growth and direction that sales-i is heading towards.

Here’s a brief summary about what has changed.

A new brand, a new sales-i!

Jango Fett in the office

To reflect our modern image and vibrant working culture, we decided to freshen up the branding. Now, we have a cleaner font, more white space, stronger imagery, a clear value proposition and a set of colors that really complement each other.

We’ve also lightened our tone of voice because, let’s face it, who wants to do business with a boring, corporate company that has all the personality of rock? We’re a fun team and we want that to come across in our messaging.

For example, we have a life size, Lego Jango Fett keeping watch over the table tennis in the office!

Even salespeople need stories

New homepage

I love a good story, especially the likes of ‘Gary Potter’, ‘Keith and the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘the Squirrel, the Witch and the Wardrobe’.

Ok, you got me, I’m not a bookworm and reading isn’t my strong suit, however I know that storytelling is by far the best way to get a message across to someone. That’s why we’ve designed the homepage to portray the benefits of sales-i throughout a salesperson’s daily life.

Each slide is set to a time throughout the day, whether that’s a customer meeting, grabbing a well-earned coffee or at the end of the working day. Our story has sales-i right there with you, every step of the way.

Just don’t forget to enter your name so that you become the main character.

Whoa there cowboy, 3 clicks is far too many

New website menu

The navigation was one of the key reasons for designing a new website. From analyzing our previous site, we found that visitors would rarely go beyond two mouse clicks, meaning that they were missing out on a shed load of content. Therefore, we wanted our visitors to be able to get to any part of the new site within two clicks.

Another improvement on the navigation was to add three quick links to the top of every webpage so you can jump to each section quickly. If you want to learn about the product, click ‘Explore‘. Fancy knowing more about the company and people? Click ‘Company’. And if you’re in an educational frame of mind, click ‘Learn’ to jump to all of our free resources.

The category theme continues into the main menu where each section is then broken down into specific areas from a super slick slide-out menu.

Responsive to your device

sales-i on a smartphoneGot a smartphone or a tablet? Of course you have, they’re more common than a rainy day in England. However, the majority of companies still don’t take them into account when building their website.

Google have recently said that there are now more web searches on a mobile device than a desktop – and whatever Google says is true, surely?

So to give every user, regardless of device a great experience on our website, we’ve designed it to be responsive and easy to use.

And yeah, it’s extra work to do this, but worthwhile nevertheless.

We giveth with one hand, and then giveth with the other

New website learn section

We enjoy creating content for our visitors, whether it’s blog articles, infographics, SlideShares or a fancy pants eBook. Our old site made it difficult for visitors to find this content and we needed this to change for the new one.

That’s why we’ve created a whole new section called ‘Learn’ that makes it easy for visitors to read and download our cool stuff!

While we were at it, we thought it would be a great idea to completely overhaul our blog too, adding in easier social media sharing, featured articles, categories and even a snippet about each author. We love our blog and hopefully you do too.

Furthermore, we’ve created all-new webpages focusing around sales-i and how it helps specific job roles and different industries. For example, if you’re an automotive parts supplier and work in sales you’ll be able to find the exact answers to your questions.

To back up our product offering, we’ve also overhauled our case studies section by giving great attention to what our customers say and how we have helped them – all wrapped up in a beautiful grid layout.

New website case studies

Built for conversion

New website conversion

Our software is quite unique in what it does, that’s why we promote a free demo so that we can run you through exactly what it is that we do. sales-i is definitely a ‘see it, get it, want it’ concept for any manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor.

So to raise our demo requests we have optimized our webpages to focus on conversion. As you can see from the image above, we dotted big green buttons around the site and our demo request page removes the menu so that the only thing to do is fill out the form.

Demo request

We’re competing with Google!

New website footer

Ok I know it’s a bold statement and not entirely true, but we have introduced an all new search feature into our website.

From either the menu or footer you can search for anything you want and we’ll return a list of results that match your query. That’s not all either: we’ve also added a search function into our blog that only finds articles that are relevant to your query, so there’s no more sifting through endless pages of articles to find the one you want.

New website blog

Recognized on Awwwards

sales-i awwwards

We’re very excited to announce that the new sales-i website is in contention to win ‘The Site of the Day’ on Awwwards. Awwwards is a website that recognizes the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and content creators, and we’re proud to be in with a shot of winning.

Let us know your thoughts of the new website in the comments section below and we will of course let you know if we win Awwwards ‘The Site of the Month’.

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