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Meet Gavin, our latest recruit

written by Natalie Davies

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Another week and another new recruit. Meet Gavin Owens. He has joined our data and implementation team here in the UK. So without further ado, let’s give Gav the grilling (…well, not quite) of his life.

Who are you?

I’m Gav, a Brummie born and bred.

When did you start at sales-i?

Early October after a week long holiday in Gran Canaria. I miss the sunshine…and the cocktails!

What does your role involve at sales-i?

I am part of the implementation team. I’ll be your first point of contact for any data issues you have. From on boarding new customers to assisting existing customers with any queries they have, I’ll be ensuring you have up to date information at your finger tips whenever you need it.

What is your background?

All of my jobs since leaving university have had a strong customer focus. My last role was in a Business Insight team for a global records management company, monitoring customer satisfaction and continual improvement to ensure a first class customer experience. I collected data, analyzed it and reported on it, so I understand the need for insightful information that is easily accessible.

Why work for sales-i?

I wanted a new challenge, in a forward thinking innovative company, that allowed me to continue to use the skills I’ve gained since leaving university along with gaining new ones, and sales-i fitted the bill perfectly. I get to provide a great customer experience while allowing my inner geek to play around with data.

What is the best thing about working here?

I get to spend the week doing something I enjoy with a great bunch of people… That’s the right answer isn’t it?

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I'm another marketing bod here at sales-i (that is marketing exec come social secretary, branded wardrobe, stationary cupboard, fixer of the printer and chief maker of a terrible cup of tea). I get to work with the two delights that are Chris and Steve who have taken it upon themselves to educate me on all things football and Star Wars. I’m a Villa or Birmingham City fan depending on which of them you ask. I really rather enjoy reading and writing (I'm not that great at the maths thing, as Chris will tell you). What I lack in Star Wars and football knowledge, I make up for with a keen eye for a good wine and a great impression of a Wookie.

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