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New MyCalls Upgrade is out there and looking good

written by Natalie Davies

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The latest upgrade to the sales-i CRM module has been released and very well received by customers.

The new MyCalls upgrade, the first in a series of enhancements to sales-i’s CRM platform, went live a week ago and early reactions are very positive indeed. The latest features include new time-based scheduling and filtering enabling sales people to quickly and intuitively plan their day; call allocation notifications/alerts; integrated VOIP/Skype dialler and a host of other intuitive, sales-enhancing functions.

Customers from the USA, Canada, UK and Ireland have been quick to respond to the new features. Typical feedback includes:

“At last I can monitor the team’s follow-up calls without having to stop and ask them for an update”

“I am making more calls than ever with the new MyCalls feature. Well done sales-i.”

“We love it, I have total visibility of my call schedule”

“By the way the new MyCalls is great and it makes dialling via Skype a breeze”

From the wide range of new enhancements customers have highlighted their top favorites to include, VOIP/Skype dialing straight from MyCalls; Time based scheduling; Allocation notification and follow up call visibility in external Calendar applications (e.g. Outlook 2007+).

Tim Hall-Woodcock, sales-i CTO, is delighted with the positive take-up and feedback, “We have a very active and demanding base of customers who have a real thirst to do more with their sales-i systems. We have listened closely and this latest round of new features and enhancements is in direct response to their demands. I am delighted that we have exceeded their expectations in terms of the speed with which we have responded and the ease with which they have embraced the new changes.”

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