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    Let's confront the demons haunting your Stock Optimization & Sales Performance dreams.

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    on-demand webinar👇🏻

    EazyStock and sales-i join forces to stop your worst nightmares from coming true.

    Every business’ worst nightmare is to have stock sitting on the shelf, gathering dust. You’ve invested cash to buy it, and it’s costing you money to store it.

    What's your plan? Run away in horror? Slash the prices?

    Hope it might mutate, grow legs, and walk out of your warehouse by itself.

    In this joint webinar, EazyStock and sales-i will show you how to tackle this issue but, more importantly, stop it from happening again. Your warehouse manager can slay the stock zombies, sales teams can emerge from hiding, and your FD can sleep soundly again.

    Don’t keep brushing the issue of dead stock under the carpet. Tackle it head-on with EazyStock and sales-i. You’ll be thanking us later.

    The đź‘»Hosts

    Bonny Parker-Davies
    Marketing Head, sales-i
    John Downes
    Partnership Head, sales-i
    Ryan Cole
    Business Development Head, EazyStock


    1. General introductions.

    2. Why is dead stock haunting businesses?

    3. How do you deal with the dead stock problem?

    4. How can you prevent dead stock from reoccurring?

    5. Q&A session.

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