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Prizes, points and profit with gamification

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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Another week means another new buzzword floating around the business world. Enter the new term ‘gamification’. It sounds like one of those ailments that you’d never want to go to your doctor with. Despite being a lot less serious, it certainly is contagious.

A bit of research and you’ll bring up a whole host of definitions, but I think Forrester have managed to sum it up perfectly. “the insertion of game dynamics into non-game activities to drive a desired behavior.”

Think about it. Why does Nadal keep hitting? Why does Vettel keep racing? Why does Bolt keep running? Simply for the thrill of winning and being recognized as the best. The same thrill resonates with salespeople who are committed to getting to the top of their game.


Be it points, achievements or the simple drive to compete with your colleagues, gamification is swiftly become hot topic in many sales operations. Rewards are probably one of the most simple, yet one of the most effective incentives.

Working successfully in both B2B and B2C operations, points based ‘games’ can encourage your customers to buy more or your sales people to sell more. Earning points and gaining the associated recognition from completing tasks and activities to progress towards a goal are more than likely to improve the chances and speed of closing deals. Points mean a leaderboard and a leader board means competition.

In a business environment, your sales teams can be rewarded for every meeting they book, every deal they close or every call they make. Not only will this make your salesforce more productive, but will also motivate them to hit the phones and do what they need to in order to get deals closed. Points can be converted into vouchers, prizes or even a free day of holiday. Offer them something that your sales team would want to fight for.

As consumers, we are incredibly fickle and a gamification strategy can really play to your advantages when it comes to sales. Take a moment and open your wallet or purse. I’m sure there will be a loyalty card in there somewhere. The basic principle is to spend, collect points and get something in return. Thus, encouraging you to come back and spend again. Simples.

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