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  • Our standard payment terms are annually in advance. You can choose to pay quarterly or monthly.
  • A 2% and 3% additional charge will apply for quarterly and monthly payments respectively.
  • Our billing is now consistent with calendar months meaning you will be billed in advance and payment will be taken by direct debit on 1st business day every month (if paying monthly). Your first invoice may be higher to cover the period from renewal to the end of the calendar month.
  • Subscriptions are fixed for the duration of your contract. If you wish to fix your subscription price for a longer period, you can extend the length of your contractual term.

If you wish to maintain your current contract period and pay annually in advance, you don’t need to take any further action, your invoice will be sent ahead of renewal.

A Reminder of What sales-i Will Give You...

Pre-planned calls

Check your calls for the day ahead. Who are you meeting? What was discussed? What do you need to follow up with?

Identify opportunities

Use Campaigns to find out if there are any key talking points that should be covered during your meeting.

Drill into your data

Drill into your sales data in detail down to invoice, SKU and customer level to view spending patterns and trends.

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