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4 considerations to maximize your sales productivity and profits.

Want to to maximize your sales productivity? Download this free ebook to discover the often overlooked ways in which sales enablement and data analytics can solve key challenges.

Drive your sales in 2022: trends and predictions for the year ahead

Want to make 2022 your best year of sales? We’ve got 8 sales trends and predictions for salespeople to help you sell smarter and make the most out of 2022.

5 Things Every Sales Manager Needs.

Every wholesale distribution sales manager should know these 5 things to ensure their team is focused, efficient and most importantly, profitable.

15 sales tips you need to know.

15 sales tips for success, to build trust, learn how to read people and adapt to any situation. Become a better salesperson in 15 simple steps.

Are Spreadsheets Still Useful in Business Today?

With an estimated 750 million people using Excel, the use of spreadsheets is firmly cemented into our daily lives. But are they still useful in the 2020s?

Big Data: How is it impacting sales in the automotive industry?

The impact of Big Data on the automotive industry is huge. Auto parts and truck parts companies are changing processes to accommodate Big Data.

Thinking outside the box: The future of the global packaging industry.

The global packaging industry faces dramatic change but what are the driving forces shaping the future of packaging? Read our whitepaper to find out.

Social Selling: A Manager's Guide.

The sales landscape is changing at a greater pace than ever before. As part of that change, the role of digital channels for lead generation, nurturing and customer service has increased year-on-year.

Under The Microscope: The Medical Supply Industry.

The medical supply industry is facing several tough challenges that could make or break some companies that supply this demand. This eBook will explain some of the biggest challenges facing the industry.

The Food and Drink Industry in 2017 and Beyond.

We surveyed over 150 professionals across the food and drink industry to understand the current state of this behemoth of an industry. How is the food and drink industry shaping up as we enter a new year? This white paper examines the industry in detail.

Manufacturing, distribution and wholesale industry report.

We surveyed over 230 professionals across the manufacturing, distribution and wholesale sectors to understand the real state of these veritable behemoths of industries.

5 modern selling techniques for breweries.

The brewery market is extremely competitive. These 5 modern selling techniques will help your brewery come out on top. Download the whitepaper today.

How to build a killer presentation.

If you want to build a presentation then check out the sales-i blog now! Learn how to design and deliver the perfect presentation and what to include.

7 tips to manage growth in the building supplies industry.

With forecasted growth of 70%, the building supplies industry needs to know how to manage growth. Download our whitepaper to find out how.

6 steps to driving customer loyalty in the automotive industry.

Customer loyalty for automotive suppliers is of the utmost importance. Poor customer loyalty leads to price wars, so what can you do to stop it?

5 steps to successful living in a modern world.

Traditional selling techniques still play an important role, but successful selling in a modern world needs a different approach. Read our sales tips here.

The Future of Sales in Wholesale Distribution.

What does the future hold for salespeople in wholesale distribution? Find out what the future of sales looks like in our latest eBook.

Why discounting is killing your business.

Discounting in the wholesale distribution industry can kill your profit margins and damage your brand. This whitepaper explains how.

How to write emails that actually get opened and read.

Download this whitepaper to discover how to make sure your sales emails get opened and read.

Price wars: the 1 penny difference.

The global packaging market is set to reach over $1 trillion by 2021. Download this whitepaper to see how you can stay ahead of the competition.

5 powerful techniques food suppliers can use to destroy competition.

The food supplies industry is very competitive. These 5 sales techniques will help you to destroy the competition and win more sales.

Going mobile in the janitorial and sanitation supplies industry.

Download our whitepaper to discover why going mobile in the Jan/San supplies industry is vital for the future.

Presenting with confidence

In the first of three 45 minute webinars, presentation coach Jack Milner will show you how to communicate confidently in every meeting.

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