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sales-i and Thalerus announce strategic alliance

written by Natalie Davies

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sales-i and Thalerus Group, a leading software provider for top office-supplies resellers, announce that they have formed a strategic partnership that allows for an interface between their respective technology solutions. Thalerus dealers can now exchange data from their Vibe™ ERP system into sales-i.

Sales people in the office or on the road use sales-i’s intuitive alerts system to tell them, via laptops, cell phones, blackberries, iPhones etc, when there is a change in a customer’s buying behavior enabling them to identify and respond to opportunities immediately. With this new partnership, this key information can now be extracted from Vibe™ and uploaded into sales-i.

“sales-i is one of the newer CRM providers in the market place. They continue to enhance their capabilities to their clients. Thalerus Group continues to support our dealer’s efforts to manage their overall sales strategy to compete in today’s competitive marketplace,” said Thalerus Group President and CEO, Lillian Yeh.

“Thalerus has a track record of delivering first class software solutions and we are delighted to have forged an alliance with them,” added Kevin McGirl, sales-i’s co-founder. “We are already working with a number of Thalerus customers who are keen to join the growing list of independent dealers enjoying such visible success from sales-i and we will soon be announcing some of those early wins.”

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