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sales-i announces reseller deal with Chatsworth Computers

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Chatsworth Computers, a fully integrated software solutions company based in Chesterfield has entered into a partnership agreement with sales-i, the SaaS based sales intelligence software company.

Established in 1974, Chatsworth Computers was setup with the aim of supplying customers with a single source of supply for all their hardware and software requirements. This typically includes installation, cabling, training, on-going support and maintenance within the Merchant, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Stockist and Distribution environments, including sales order processing, stock control, invoicing, sales, purchase and nominal ledgers.

sales-i is an award-winning internet based sales performance tool which analyses customer buying patterns. Accessible on the move via a mobile phone App or computer, sales-i provides sales teams with timely and accurate data on sales gaps and trends empowering them to lead sales meetings with clearly identified sales needs and opportunities.

The company was founded in 2008 and is the fastest growing sales and customer intelligence software company in the UK and USA, working predominantly with manufacturers and distributors in a variety of markets including automotive, wholesale electrical, building supplies, pharmaceutical, office products and tools.

Chatsworth Computers first saw the potential of sales-i after seeing the results it produced for one of their customers. Ashley Jones, Sales & Marketing Director at Chatsworth Computers explained: “sales-i first came to our attention in 2010 when one of our long-standing customers, Iain Entwistle, Director of North West Tools contacted us to say he’d researched sales-i and thought it was brilliant.

“Our Merlin software is specifically designed to fulfill the changing requirements of our clients and as such we are in continual development and are always looking to incorporate the latest technologies that can be of benefit to our customers. It didn’t take our development team long to provide a data connector and North West Tools became the first Merlin software user to partner with sales-i.”

Chatsworth Computers were won over by sales-i’s simplicity in operation and the ways in which it can disseminate essential sales data to the appropriate sales team members for immediate action.

“Having reviewed all manner of other solutions over the years sales-i is the only one to have achieved the perfect combination of sophistication, ease of use and affordability. Therefore, it did not come as a surprise to learn that Northwest Tools contributed an 11% increase in sales to sales-i’s integration with Merlin software,” said Ashley Jones.

Given this endorsement it is no surprise to learn that the take-up of sales-i by Merlin customers is high and that Chatsworth Computers are predicting that the majority of Merlin users will adopt sales-i as a business necessity as they do with Microsoft Office.

Paul Black, CEO of sales-i commented: “I’m delighted that Chatsworth Computers have come on board as a reseller. They are an extremely well regarded and reputable company who focus on being at the forefront of what they do. There are a number of synergies between sales-i and Merlin software and I know that sales-i is the perfect partner to allow their customers to know when, why, where and how businesses buy their products and services.

“I am excited about working with Chatsworth Computers and the future as they are firmly committed to this partnership.”

In conclusion, Ashley Jones said: “When you consider Merlin’s proven selling features and the sales opportunities highlighted by sales-i, the two together probably make the most potent selling software solution on the market today. Even a half-reasonable salesperson cannot help to use this software combination to dramatic effects. As such, we’re singing sales-i’s praises from the roof-tops.”

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