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sales-i Christmas update is released

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sales-i, the leading sales and business intelligence provider, is excited to announce that our Christmas update to Campaign Manager has just been released.

With the ability to build customer specific sales and marketing campaigns, users are able to ensure they are maximizing every additional selling opportunity in Campaign Manager. As one of sales-i’s most recent developments, the latest update presents users with a range of new capabilities.

This release sees the addition of two new Campaign filters: Campaigns vs Targets and % Share, joining the original three Campaign Filters; Top Accounts, Not Bought and Shrinking/Growing.

Other new features include the ability to build a targeted contact list for sales and marketing using bespoke filters, plot all highlighted accounts on Google Maps and add subscription groups to each Campaign.

Tim Hall-Woodcock, CTO at sales-i adds, “These new additions to Campaign Manager will only further strengthen the capability of our users to build effective sales and marketing campaigns that will resonate with their customers. Campaign Manager is a real differentiator for sales-i and a feature that our active user base is a huge fan of. The simplicity it brings to the sales and marketing process in any business is truly second to none.”

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