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sales-i joins STAG, the leading sports traders buying group

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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Here at sales-i, our associations with leading buying groups afford us the opportunity to get to know each of the industries we operate in. Joining STAG Buying Group allows sales-i to get closer to each of our customers in the sports industry.

STAG unites 460 businesses across the sports, outdoor, shoe and corporate wear sectors across the UK and Ireland. With a firm dedication to improving profits and cutting costs for their member base, STAG is the premier buying group in the UK for sports organizations.

As an industry built upon exceptional customer service, sales-i is pleased to be joining such a close-knit community of sporting businesses. With intuitive sales, business and customer intelligence, sales-i will allow STAG members from across the industry to sell more intelligently and ultimately, improve their bottom line.

Sara Chandler, Director at STAG adds, “sales-i is a fantastic tool for sales people to professionalize their operation and to increase their sales, a real must have within today’s retail industry.”

“sales-i is a real must have within today’s retail industry.”

Here at sales-i, we work hard to know each of our customers inside out, what makes them tick and the challenges they face. Joining STAG gives us the inside track and we are joining a number of the premier companies within the sporting arena that are dedicated to becoming more profitable and more successful.

Simon Doyle, head of UK sales at sales-i, adds, “As STAG’s most recent partners, we are pleased to have joined a network of thriving sports businesses. sales-i is an incredible bit of kit to have under your belt as a sales person and I’m glad that together, STAG and sales-i share a common goal of reducing costs and increasing the bottom line of every business we work with.”

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