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sales-i raise the (handle)bar for Movember

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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As November comes to an end, the sales-i Mo Bros have successfully spent the entire month sporting all manner of facial hair around the offices.

Testosterone has been running high, as the team has been battling it out to grow the most fetching facial hair for the last 30 days. We have seen ‘mos of all shapes and sizes here at sales-i this month, from rather pitiful excuses for facial hair to the impressive handlebar-esque styles some of the team have been grooming for the month.

Safe to say, most of the sales-i Mo Bros (and their significant others!) were glad to see the end of Movember and this afternoon saw the removal of their month long growth!

We have seen ‘mos of all shapes and sizes here at sales-i this month.

Huge congratulations to the sales-i Movember team for making such a concerted effort for the last month in support of such a worthy cause!

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