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sales-i re-engineers to deliver faster, more flexible Database Development Environment

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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sales-i’s programme to re-engineer its database and deliver a quicker, more flexible and responsive development environment, is now completed and live with the majority of customers.

sales-i prides itself on having achieved a number of world firsts in sales and customer intelligence, the latest of which was the announcement of sales-i for iPhone as the first system of its kind to be accepted on the Apple App Store. Unlike generic business intelligence apps, sales-i for iPhone provides the first truly integrated sales and customer intelligence app giving internal and external sales teams instant access to information on laptops and all mobile devices and now also via the App Store.

Today’s announcement transforms the speed with which the sales-i team can develop applications and add-on’s to the sales-i system. This ‘behind the scenes’ development re-engineering work which also supports sales-i’s mobile device development will benefit customers of all sizes from 10 to 250+ users.
Some of the new functions that the new development environment has enabled to be created in weeks rather than months include: –

Enhanced ‘restricted’ views

GHiving sales-i customers unlimited flexibility in information views depending on who is viewing the information, their access level and responsibility within the organization.

New Account Contact Search function

This feature-rich facility has been developed in a fraction of the time that could have been achieved by competitive traditional software companies. sales-i customers will enjoy the first benefits of this when the new account contact search function is released in February.

Other new developments

The new “my calls” enhancement, business snapshot 2, full leakage and then the roll out of all new feature rich CRM.

“This new platform, albeit hidden from customers, is a huge leap forward for sales-i that further strengthens the development framework to make new releases and upgrades quicker to produce and deliver,” commented Paul Black, sales-i’s co-founder and CEO. “This is another real differentiator for sales-i as we further tear down the boundaries around sales and customer intelligence and truly enable organizations to transform their sales and customer management. We are now in even greater shape to respond and deliver these capabilities at speed and ahead of market demand.”

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