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sales-i ticks all the boxes at BF Molz

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BF Molz, an established, family business with more than 30 years experience in the office products industry, has successfully deployed sales-i across its office and field based sales operations and is enjoying some very visible benefits in increased sales and improved customer service.

As a family business BF Molz prides itself on offering the knowledge and experience that can help its customers save time and money while keeping their offices running smoothly. Service and excellence are the cornerstones of BF Molz’s business model and success. Technology investment too is key, keeping BF Molz ahead of its competition and it has a reputation for trailblazing and leading with technology to underpin and deliver better and integrated services. Not surprising then that when BF Molz Chief Operating Officer, Norma Anthony was introduced to sales-i, by a fellow SP Richards advisory board member, she was quick to take a close look at this technology that was transforming the sales fortunes of offices products companies across the UK and USA.

Norma explains, “We have a lot of technology experience at BF Molz and have worked continuously over the years to improve the integration between our contact management system and our business data but running disparate systems has always made that a real challenge. Our aim was to provide one clear view of the customer, their activity, buying trends and patterns and we had also recently invested in Microsoft Dynamics NAV so sales-i was an early Christmas present!. One total powerful CRM and Sales Intelligence solution, built on a Microsoft platform, that gives us the knowledge to drill down to whatever level of detail we need to identify sales opportunities – our sales team loves it.”

BF Molz is using sales-i across its business, out in the field on smartphones and Blackberries where mobile sales people can drill down and find key account information before making a visit, identify where sales are declining or where one product is being bought and not another. Sales visits are more targeted and productive. “Quite simply – we love it,” Norma confirms. “We have embraced sales-i totally and we are using the whole package with our Dynamics NAV system to give us unrivalled account visibility. We repeatedly preach the message of ‘single source’ to our customers and now we are practicing what we preach!”

BF Molz is a member of the TriMega purchasing association, which itself recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with sales-i to offer the sales & customer intelligence service to its member companies. “sales-i is certainly ticking all the boxes from a corporate purchasing decision point of view too,” adds Norma. “With the TriMega and SP Richards partnerships and a very close Microsoft relationship, we have the confidence that we are backing a winner and delighted to take the lead as the first to deploy across Dynamics NAV.”

“This is a very powerful endorsement of sales-i,” said Kevin McGirl, co-founder of sales-i. “BF Molz is a forward looking and highly regarded office products company that is making extensive use of sales-i and is completely in-tune with its customer base. We are delighted to count them as a valued customer and we look forward to making an even greater sales and service impact across their business over time.”

Interestingly BF Molz’s customers will also benefit directly from the decision to take on sales-i in the form of end of year growth rebates. Norma explains, “Our eyes are trained to look closely at what commodities our customers are buying and not buying. Armed with this information we can often help our customers to save money simply by changing their buying habits or extending our sales into other parts of their organisation. A recent example with our largest customer, a hospital, identified savings in the region of $3,000 -$4,000 per year.” Norma continues, “This makes our customers sit up and take notice. With a keen eye on end of year growth rebates it makes sense for them to understand their buying trends and gaps too. It’s a win win.”

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