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sales-i welcomes another addition to the team

written by Natalie Davies

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sales-i is excited to announce the arrival of a new member of the team. Robbie Ross has joined us as our Lead Tester from a premier national travel company where he managed and developed business and User Acceptance testing for their retail systems.

Robbie has joined the team at the beginning of what will be a very exciting year for sales-i, he is already working with the team to intricately test sales-i before any release to ensure consistency and confirming the integrity of data across sales-i and our partners. Collaborating with the development team, Robbie is involved in driving and ensuring the quality of every aspect of sales-i, from inception through to release. “I am proud to work for a company I can believe in, with people who are hard-working, dedicated and genuinely enjoy what they do”, Robbie comments.

Tim Hall-Woodcock, Chief Technical Officer at sales-i adds, “As our lead tester, Robbie will be testing sales-i from start to finish, from an end user’s perspective. This will, without a doubt, increase our speed to market and turn around time for any updates or changes we make to sales-i. He is a very welcome addition to our development team”.

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I'm another marketing bod here at sales-i (that is marketing exec come social secretary, branded wardrobe, stationary cupboard, fixer of the printer and chief maker of a terrible cup of tea). I get to work with the two delights that are Chris and Steve who have taken it upon themselves to educate me on all things football and Star Wars. I’m a Villa or Birmingham City fan depending on which of them you ask. I really rather enjoy reading and writing (I'm not that great at the maths thing, as Chris will tell you). What I lack in Star Wars and football knowledge, I make up for with a keen eye for a good wine and a great impression of a Wookie.

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