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sales-i wins several high profile janitorial supplies market contracts

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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sales-i is enjoying a number of high profile contract wins in the Janitorial Supplies market. Following on the heels of rapid success and adoption amongst North American office products suppliers, sales-i is rapidly becoming the system of choice in the Janitorial Supplies sector.

In the past few months sales-i has landed North America’s largest Jan San distributor, Lagasse (a division of United Stationers) as a customer. Lagasse has now successfully rolled out sales-i to its field-based national selling team of over 100 sales professionals. Other names include CPD, CJS and Crystal Rock who have each standardized on sales-i to handle their sales and customer intelligence.

Following a pilot last year and the integration of sales-i into its back office Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, janitorial supplies company CJS immediately rolled out sales-i to its sales force. Within days the team had identified flagging accounts and any that had ceased spending. Meetings were booked and sales were resurrected. “We use sales-i alerts to flag top drifting accounts, those with low margins and any that may be buying from competitors. We make sure that every sales visit has a purpose and not just an excuse for a friendly catch up over a coffee and a cookie!” comments Terri Gray, CJS’s president. “One of our field sales reps has already had great success with sales-i on his iPhone. By monitoring his top 5 customers he identified one that had stopped buying gloves from us and another that had stopped buying cups. Two short visits and both customers were back buying from us. Furthermore, we have used the feedback from the customer to change our stock control processes so that we don’t find ourselves unable to fulfill their orders in the future.”

sales-i is also being used by CJS’s telesales team where daily sales-i alerts identify drifting customers or warn of buying behavior changes. “Making targeted sales calls armed with accurate, actionable information is so much more rewarding,” adds Terri. “Everybody wins – the telesales person, the supplier and the customer.

Kevin McGirl, President of sales-i’s operation in North America, confirms: “The 2011 sales year is already underway and we are delighted to receive reports from sales-i customers who are increasing sales and improving margins despite the challenging economic conditions. During this time of the year businesses are setting their goals and if selling more than 2010 is on the list we can help”. Kevin adds: “sales-i’s ROI is immediate – it virtually creates its own budget… the investment is a low cost subscription and unlike traditional CRM projects, the payback is instant:”

Commenting on recent successes, Kevin highlights: “Having proved our credentials with the Lagasse sales team, we are now launching sales-i to the wider Janitorial and Foodservice markets to help distributors and vendors in the sector to maximize their ‘share of customer’ wallet.”

Earlier this month sales-i announced the availability of its iPhone app; the first integrated sales and customer intelligence app available on the App Store. Unlike generic business intelligence apps, sales-i for iPhone provides the first truly integrated sales and customer intelligence app giving internal and external sales teams instant access to information on laptops and all mobile devices and now also via the App Store

Kevin adds, “This is another first for sales-i as we further tear down the boundaries around sales and customer intelligence delivering an intuitive, user focused experience this time via sales-i for iPhone. For years sales organizations have only dreamed of enabling their office based and mobile sales teams with up to the minute information on sales and customer buying behavior activities and we make that a reality with sales-i. sales-i for iPhone simply increases the appeal and ease of use for sales teams which boosts adoption and therefore drives sales. Once sales managers and their teams get a taste for instant and intuitive information access, there’s no turning back.”

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