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sales-i’s Kevin McGirl to participate and present at the March 2010 NMBS sales conference

written by Natalie Davies

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sales-i’s co-founder, Kevin McGirl, has been announced as a keynote speaker at the forthcoming National Merchant Buying Society’s (NMBS) Strategic Sales conference in March.

The NMBS is the most successful buying group for independent builders, plumbers, hardware and timber merchants in the UK, and announced a strategic partnership agreement to offer sales-i to its 660 + building industry members a year ago this month.

Since that time many members including Shropshire Building Supplies, Huws Gray, Jackson’s Building Centres, Covers, Isaac Lord and Chandlers have all signed up to sales-i’s sales performance software, as have NMBS suppliers such as RoDo, Irongate Group, Geocel, Reisser and Nicholls and Clarke.

The Strategic Sales Conference is being held two months prior to the NMBS annual conference, which attracts the most well known brand names in the industry. The aim of the new sales conference is to attract NMBS key exhibitors (approx. 150-200 suppliers) with a view to motivating and encouraging these suppliers to outperform their sales expectations and consistently hit sales targets throughout 2010.

Kevin is a familiar and respected motivational speaker in the sales arena and will focus on helping building suppliers understand the veritable goldmine that lies in their sales and customer data and how through intelligent reporting and gap analysis techniques, they can unearth valuable sales opportunities and increase their share of customer spend.

“We are already actively working with many existing NMBS members and suppliers and we have achieved some very high profile sales results,” adds Kevin. “Most recently Shropshire Building Supplies confirmed that by using sales-i they had unearthed a £10,000 customer order thanks to visible, accurate account analysis. This is commonplace amongst our customers and I look forward to sharing more of these success stories with NMBS suppliers at the sales conference later this year.”

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