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Discover, manage and grow your sales

Our award-winning sales performance software delivers smarter selling to distributors and wholesalers. By integrating your transactional ERP data with your customer data, we give you a full picture of what’s going on with your customers. Unlike a traditional CRM system, sales-i gives your salespeople easy-to-understand, actionable insights so that they can ensure that every customer interaction is both personal and profitable.

Improve sales volume

Drive revenue, cross-sell additional products, maximize every customers’ spend and improve your average sales value.

Protect your market share

Quickly identify which accounts are leaking revenue and which are at risk due to your competitors’ activity.

Easier cross-selling

Know when and who to up-sell higher margin alternatives to or cross-sell new lines not purchased before.

99% customer retention
7.3% average sales increase
90% are likely to recommend

We solve...


    Your data is locked in separate, disconnected systems that make it almost impossible for you and your salespeople to use it, rendering it useless.


    Your product lines and transactional data are growing and you have hundreds, if not thousands of customers to manage. It’s a challenge to get hold of any kind of information when you need it most.


    You’ve hired new salespeople, invested in training and overhauled your sales processes, but whatever you do, it seems to have no real effect on your bottom line.


    Gone are the days when your competitors were just down the road. Today, every market is a global one. You’re trying to compete, but you’re losing customers due to price, customer service or buying channels.

Sound familiar?

  • Our sales team is struggling to hit targets
  • I have to manage lots of accounts
  • I don’t know my top selling products
  • I need better customer visibility
  • Customers aren’t loyal to us
  • Sales reports are time consuming


Our sales performance software removes the typical ‘scattergun’ sales approach and allows you to work smarter. Know when a competitor is moving in on your turf, reel in drifting customers and identify gaps in your sales with ease. sales-i turns your team into proactive salespeople that always get to the sale first.


Nearly 50% of the salespeople we’ve spoken to struggle to spot which customers’ orders are dropping and where their next sale is coming from.

sales-i is loaded with smart features to turn this situation around and find easy-to-close sales opportunities within your customer data.

  • Find out which customers’ spend is rising or falling
  • View quantities sold, GP, value and cost for any account
  • Discover customer purchasing trends throughout the year


Managing relationships to maximize their spend and keep them loyal is key to any company’s growth and success.

The sales-i alerts system will let your sales team know when a sales opportunity is being missed, an account’s spend has changed and even when they’ve stopped spending altogether, so you can get to work before it’s too late.

  • Get in-depth facts and figures for all of your accounts instantly
  • Know your customers’ top products, spend summary and GP
  • Spot competitor threats to your accounts before they harm sales


To become the best seller in the team, you need to be able to identify easy-to-close opportunities, save valuable selling time by automating admin tasks and accelerate your entire sales pipeline to get more sales through the door.

These are the exact benefits that our sales performance software can deliver, from the moment any product-based salesperson logs in.

  • Automatically generate all your sales information every day
  • Run targeted marketing promotions with real purpose
  • Automatically be alerted of any changes in spending behavior


Do your salespeople use smartphones or tablets at work? The sales-i apps for Apple and Android devices are free to all of our customers. With key information available offline, the apps ensure that, no matter whether your teams are in Tennessee, Timbuktu or sat at their desks, they’ll always be connected right to the heart of your business.

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Don't just take our word for it...

  • “We now have a best-in-class reporting tool at our fingertips. sales-i is a game changer that easily pays for itself, not to mention the pricing is very fair. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

    Ryan Puccinelli

    President at IQ Total Source
  • “sales-i provided the best functionality at the best cost and is the best sales intelligence solution for C.H. Hanson.”

    Phil Hanson

    Executive Vice President at C.H. Hanson
  • “One call using sales-i yielded a $5,000 order from an account that was leaving us for a competitor, he felt we did not care, sales-i showed him we did.”

    Ron Dahlhaus

    VP of Sales at Buy Wise Auto Parts

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Includes all of Sales User plus:

Campaign creation

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